10 Malls to Visit in Koreatown LA

In Koreatown, there are many places that perfect for shopping, going on a date, enjoying time with friends, etc. But there are several malls that these places are located in that is both convenient to park in and shop around. Koreatown malls are filled with diverse eateries, fun gift shops, hair salons, makeup shops, clothing boutiques, and more. You will find most of what you need in these malls, and here is a small guide to help direct you to what mall there is.

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1. Koreatown Plaza

Koreatown Plaza is one of the most popular malls in Koreatown as there are clothing shops, a huge food court, a bakery, and more. One of the most notable features of Koreatown would be the H-Mart market located on the first floor. However, there are hair salons in the plaza as well with little kiosks of goods. After going around to shop, people love to visit the food court as there are different varieties of restaurants that are different from one another. On the third floor, there is a huge home shopping store with all the necessary things you need like blankets, pots, pans, and etc. 

Main shops: H-Mart, Koreatown Plaza Food Court, Artbox

928 S Western Ave Ste 300,
Los Angeles, CA 9000

2. Koreatown Galleria

Similarly, Koreatown Galleria is smaller than Koreatown Plaza but has the same components. On the basement level, Galleria market is located for those who wish to grocery shop and also buy delicious food from the mom and pop restaurants. On the first and second floor, there are small clothing boutiques, music store, and a big food court that has some variety. The most famous would be the Katsu restaurant as it is well known for their donkatsu. 

Main shops: Galleria Market, Food Gallery, Cosmetic World

3250 W Olympic Blvd Ste 400,
Los Angeles, CA 90006

3. City Center on 6th

City Center on 6th has a huge H-Mart on the first floor along with other shops like clothing, salons, a vitamin place, and is connected to the parking lot. On the second and third floors, there are also many shops but some have closed due to the slow business because of COVID. On the third floor, Hanshin Pocha is located near the end, and it is not too packed in comparison to other pochas. 

Main shops: Hanshin Pocha, H-Mart, CoCo Ichibanya

3500 W 6th St, 
Los Angeles, CA 9002

4. MaDang Courtyard

MaDang Courtyard has a H-Mart near the parking structure. There is a Daiso located on the first floor with a bakery as well. In addition, there are other restaurants in the courtyard with Somi Somi and a CGV cinema located as well. The courtyard also has cute shops like stationery and a Kpop store that you can visit.

Main shops: H-Mart, Daiso, Paris Baguette, SomiSomi, Sul & Beans, CGV Cinemas 

450 S Western Ave #313,
Los Angeles, CA 90020
(213) 375-7518

5. Oxford Center Plaza

Oxford Center Plaza is a relatively large strip mall with different restaurants like HoneyNight, Slurpin Ramen Bar, and more. They also have a health food store, hair and beauty salon, a clothing store, and more. There is also a bar there named Potions & Potions that is located in the strip mall. There is also a mini liquor market inside the mall. 

Main shops: Honey Night, Slurpin Ramen, Potions & Potions

3548 W 8th St #3500,
Los Angeles, CA 90005

6. Olympic Shopping Center

Located near Seoul International Park, Olympic Shopping Center has many stores located in the center. A famous bar/karaoke called Wawa is located at Olympic shopping Center. There is also a furniture shop, a shoe repair shop, a clothing store, acupuncture place, hair salons, and more. 

Main shops: Wawa, Blue Haus

3053 W Olympic Blvd,
Los Angeles, CA 90006

7. California Marketplace

With a market located on the first floor at California Marketplace, there are different things to do on each floor. On the second floor, there are many clothing stores and beauty stores that customers can shop around in. On the third floor, there are delicious places to eat with plenty of space for kids to run around on. The most famous would be Two Hands Corndog that is located separately from the food court on the third floor.

Main shops: California Market, Two Hands Corndog

450 S Western Ave, 
Los Angeles, CA 90020

8. Omni Plaza

At Omni Plaza, it is mostly filled with restaurants. Some of the different stores would be a hair salon and  a dentist. A few restaurants are filled by dessert shops like Anko Cafe and Boba Bear. The rest would be restaurants like a kebab shop, a kimbap store, and a grill.

Main shops: Anko Cafe, Boba Bear, The Kimbap 

414 S Western Ave, 
Los Angeles, CA 9002

9. Western Village Square

Rather than restaurants, Western Village Square is filled with shops that focus on beauty and hair like a salon, spa, foot massage, and more. Some of the restaurants that are there would be a Korean fried chicken store and a Thai restaurant. Some of the miscellaneous shops would be a ballet studio and a clothing store. 

Main shops: Chicken Day, MyStylist Hair Salon

301 S Western Ave, 
Los Angeles, CA 90020

10. New Rodeo Gallery

Rodeo Galleria is located right across from Koreatown Plaza. In the parking lot area, there are many well known restaurants like Madang Noodles, BCD Tofu House, Eight Korean BBQ, and more. Inside Rodeo Galleria, there is a tiny food court and a bakery you can stop by. There is also a huge Korean beauty and makeup store right in front that you can visit. There is a tour guide company, a scent/diffuser store, a bidet store, and more inside. A lot of other shops have closed down due to the slow business of COVID.

Main shops: Madang Noodles, BCD Tofu House, Eight Korean BBQ, Rodeo Cosmetics

833 S Western Ave,
Los Angeles, CA 90005

Make sure you check out these malls whether it be for your next hair appointment or your next market run! Koreatown, Los Angeles has many strip malls that you can visit and try new food at. 


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