14 Spooky Things to Do Halloween Weekend in Koreatown LA

Photo: Potions & Poisons

1. Get Spooky this Weekend at Potions and Poisons

Instagram: @potions.poisons

Check out Potions & Poisons for a Halloween extravaganza! Potions & Poisons will offer awesome Halloween deals on Friday, October 29th and Saturday, October 30th. These include special Halloween only menu items like the Smashing Pumpkin Cocktail for $12 and the Wizards and Gargoyles Coffee IPA for $12.

Best known for their spooky decor and vibe, Potions & Poisons is our top destination for Halloween 2021 in Koreatown LA.

2. Be the Winner of Squid Game at Seoul Salon Restaurant & Bar

Instagram: @seoulsalon_la

Everyone knows that Squid Game has been all the rage. With all the hype surrounding the show, Seoul Salon Restaurant and Bar is throwing a Squid Game-themed Halloween Party on Saturday 10/30 from 9:30-2 with music by DJ Mix. Don’t miss that Table Giveaway, too!

3. Experience a Revamped Hidden Gem in Koreatown LA at Boolieya

One of the best authentic Korean gastropubs in Koreatown LA is Boolieya. If you’re looking for a more relaxed environment that has a full bar, authentic Korean bar food, and is truly a hidden gem, check out Boolieya on Wilshire. Nestled in the 2nd floor of an OG Koreatown LA strip mall, Boolieya offers an open lounge area, drinking/dining seating area, and is always a blast.

The owner, Sam has taken over the iconic space of HEU and is bringing it to new heights. Revitalized with updated finishing and interactive elements such as a claw game and selfie area, Boolieya is just getting started. Definitely stop by this weekend.

4. Get Ready for the Best Halloween Queer Party at R Bar

Instagram: @rbarktown

Are you ready for a FUN N QUEER Halloween Party, where drag queens, devils and all the creatures of the night will come out to play? At R Bar in Koreatown LA on Friday October 29th, expect a true spectacle with lots of character. A cover charge of $10 is expected. 

5. Check Out Koreatown LA's Most Diverse Lounge & Club at Paper Tiger Bar

Photo: Paper Tiger Bar

Hands down the most diverse lounge and club in Koreatown LA is Paper Tiger Bar. With a variety of different themed nights, Paper Tiger Bar is an amazing addition to Koreatown LA nestled right on the border of Hollywood.

Located in a historical building almost 100 years old, patrons speak of strange noises and ghastly sightings and the venue’s possible haunting from it’s historical past. 

All said and done, Paper Tiger Bar is our personal favorite when we’re feeling adventurous and want to truly enjoy a diverse crowd, music, and the melting pot culture of Los Angeles. 

Definitely stop by on Saturday 10/30/2021 since that will be their costume themed Halloween party night!

6. Pop Bottles All Night and Dance at Apt 503

Instagram: @clubsareoverrated

Apt 503 will be having a major Halloween event on Friday the 29th, presented by Clubs Are Overrated. Four guest DJs are invited to spin the wheel! Wearing a costume is strongly encouraged. Also, they are throwing another biggest Halloween Week Finale party with Rent Money on Saturday October 30th. If you’re a party animal, you might want to check out APT 503’s unique venue this Halloween weekend.

7. Enjoy a Fun, Sexy Halloween Night at Terra Cotta

Terra Cotta

Terra Cotta LA is a finest nightclub and lounge bar in Koreatown LA. Enjoy a fun, sexy and spooky halloween party with a little booze here at Terra Cotta. For both this Friday and Saturday, the door opens at 9:30pm accompanying awesome guest DJs. 

8. Bowl a Strike in Costume at Shatto 39 Lanes

Photo: Andrew Kang

Bowling is always a great way to wrap up a fun night with friends and family. You may be able to make unforgettable memories by bowling on special days like Halloween. Visit Shatto 39 Lanes, grab your ball and curve it right into the strike pocket! 

9. Win the Costume Contest at Quest Room LA

Instagram: @questroomla

From October 25th October 31st, Quest Room is having a costume contest! The team members will dress up in spooky costumes, and they highly encourage customers to join the festivities. There are several awards of free games for winners of each contest so get ready for showtime.

10. Watch Your Favorite Halloween Movie at CGV


Michael Myers is back.. in Koreatown?! This Halloween, CGV is playing two epic Halloween movies. Halloween Kills, a sequel to one of the most popular Halloween films of all times, Halloween, and The Addams Family 2, a cute horror animation that you could watch with kids. Grab your favorite popcorn and get ready for a Halloween night!

11. Bat Up the Fun for Home Run Halloween at Strikezon

Instagram: @strikezonla

Looking for something special to do on Halloween? If you’re a great fan of sports and activities, how about hitting some balls at a batting cage? Be a warrior, not a worrier here at Strikezon!

12. Enjoy Korean Pocha Vibe at the Eerie Old School Spot Dan Sung Sa

Photo: Chester Liu Google Maps

Dan Sung Sa is a decent Korean-style Pocha with an old school vibe that reminds of Seoul in the 70’s. If you’re looking for a super comfortable Korean bar experience with a lively ambience, you should definitely check out Dan Sung Sa.

13. Enjoy Your Time in the Gatsby-Style Lounge at Intercrew

Photo: Da In Kim

Check out this hottest new upscale restaurant and bar located at the heart of Koreatown! Intercrew will highlight your Halloween night with its snazzy vibe and a cool lounge. 

14. Chill Out & Wind Down at The Normandie Club

Instagram: @thenormandieclub

The Normandie Club is a lounge with a swanky bar and quality drinks. If you’re not into Halloween shindigs, consider chilling out and trying new cocktail flavors here at the Normandie Club. Anyone who’s into speakeasy scenes, ask for the password to get into their Walker Inn.

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