24 Holiday Gift Ideas Inspired by Koreatown LA

Are you searching for unique and memorable gifts this Holiday season? Tired of getting cliché gifts that become forgotten the next day?

Support businesses local and relevant to Koreatown LA. Here is a list of 24 mesmerizing gift shops, both online and offline, that offer something truly unique to your loved ones.

1. Mikki Paek (@mmmikkalous) - Artist & Creator


Mikki Paek, aka @mmmikkalous, is a Korean American artist best known for The Koreatown Times art installation. She is a Los Angeles based artist who draws her inspiration from Koreatown LA.

From buildings and signposts to local coffee shop cups, her works highlight the intricate details and most iconic features of Koreatown LA. 

She has an online store that offers some amazingly unique Koreatown merchs.

Support Local Artist & Creator Mikki Paek

Check out her online store for Koreatown merch!

2. Koreana Gifts and Arts - Local Business & Online Store

Koreana Gifts and Arts

Koreana Gifts and Arts carry a vast collection of Korean, Asian and Oriental gifts. They have sold Korean gift items to various museums and stores including The Los Angeles County Museum of Art Gift Shop in Los Angeles, CA, The Asian Art Museum Gift Shop in San Francisco, CA, The Pacific Asian Museum Gift Shop in Pasadena, CA, etc. Koreana Gifts and Arts sells Korean bronze Buddha statues, singer songwriter Phyllis Chang’s CD’s, Korean celadon bowls, Korean celadon vases, Korean dancing fans and so many more.

Koreana Gifts and Arts is located at 3927 Olympic Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90019, however it is temporarily closed. Shop online on their website for uniquely Korean gifts.

Support Local Business Koreana Gifts & Arts

Check out their online store for Koreatown merch!

3. Artbox - Local Business

Facebook: Koreatown Plaza

In Koreatown Plaza, Artbox is a store that offers a wide variety of charming stationery items & gifts. These make perfect gifts, and they can also be perfect stocking stuffers for the holidays. Just keep in mind while shopping, that Artbox does not give refunds.

The address of Artbox is 928 S Western Ave # 150, Los Angeles, CA 90006.

4. KORE LIMITED (@korelimited) - Online Store


KORE, short for Keepin Our Roots Eternal, is a contemporary streetwear brand designed with Korean themes and graphics. KORE’s uniquely designed products will make a perfect gift for anyone who is getting introduced to Korean culture, or those who want to keep their cultural ties. Shop online at korelimited.com

Shop Online at korelimited.com

Check out KORE's online store for its fabulous streetwear items!

5. Aladdin Used Books - Local Business

Larry Hong

Aladdin Used Books in MaDang Mall has the best collection of books, magazines and comics, not only nice used ones but also new ones. It also has numerous topics ranging from kids books to young adults, business-related and religious books. Visit Aladdin Used Books to find a gift for an avid reader of Korean and English books. 

The address of Aladdin Used Books is 621 S Western Ave #300, Los Angeles, CA 90005. 

6. Gobi LA (gobi.la) - Online Store

NANAN'S GARDEN - gobi.la

GOBI is an integrated platform of a contemporary art gallery and a concept store for artists, by artists. Artistic items include sculptures, banchan plates, painting vases, etc.  Shop online at gobi.la. 

Shop Online at gobi.la

Check out Gobi LA's contemporary art gallery and online store!

7. Sixth Sense (@6ixthsensela) - Local Business & Online Store


6ixth Sense LA is a lifestyle store based in Los Angeles that sells furniture, decor items and kitchenware. Their products have unique and adorable designs that make pleasant holiday gifts.

The address of the store is 3881 W 6th St, Los Angeles, CA 90020.

Shop Online at 6ixthsensela.com

Check out Sixth Sense's gift items and new arrivals!

8. K-Pop Music Town - Loca Business & Online Store


Located in MaDang plaza, this big K-pop music store has a wide range of albums, stickers, photo cards, light sticks, and other official merchs, which are perfect gifts for K-pop fans. Call and ask for what they have in stock or check its website for item availability before visiting the store.

The address of the store is 3927 Olympic Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90019.

Shop Online at kpopmusictownla.com

Check out and pre-order your favorite K-pop artist's albums and merchs.

9. NAMOO Plant Shop (@namoo_la) - Local Business & Online Store


Namoo is a nursery that sells assortments of small potted plants and ceramics. Namoo’s plants and succulents make adorable holiday gifts for plant lovers!

The address of the store is 271 S Western Ave Los Angeles, CA 90004.

Shop online for NAMOO's products

Check out Namoo's plants and gift items on their website.

10. Leah Candle (@leah_candle_ss) - Local Business


Burning candles can bring some calm and relieve anxiety. This holiday season, give your friends and family a candle or a candle gift set! From one-day and monthly candle making classes to colorful candles, Leah Candle offers the best candle classes and gift options in Koreatown LA. Leah Candle accepts orders and inquiries via Instagram DM. Check out their Instagram account for pickup information.

Interested in Leah Candle?

Check out Leah Candle's Instagram account for more information and inquiries.

11. Cake for U (@missylifela_cakeforu) - Local Business


Cake For U makes cakes with beautiful decorations that are not only delicious but also will be the highlight of a party. The main ingredient of cakes is rice, which is healthier than normal cakes. Look no further if you are looking for beautiful cakes, or cakes with traditional Korean aesthetics.

For this holiday, they have released gluten-free Christmas sugar icing cookies! Cake For U accepts orders and inquiries via Instagram DM. Check out their Instagram account for pickup information.

Interested in Cake For U?

Check out Cake For U's Instagram account for more information and inquiries.

12. Koreatown Plaza - Local Business


Koreatown Plaza has various stores that sell quality gifts such as health products, cosmetics, rice cakes, and even designer brand watches. We suggest getting a KTP gift card, which could be used within the whole shopping center.

The mall is located at 928 South Western Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90006.

Support Local Business Koreatown Plaza

Check out the mall directory and contact information on their website.

13. K-Star Music - Local Business & Online Store

K-Star Music

K-Star Music is another K-pop heaven for music fans. There are plenty of group merchandises including BTS, Blackpink, NCT, Monsta-X, etc. Don’t miss your favorite artist’s 2022 season’s greetings!

K-Star Music is located at 3500 W 6th St Ste 232 Los Angeles, CA 90020. 

Shop Online at kstarmusic.online

Check out and pre-order your favorite artist's albums and merchs!

14. Gaju Flower - Local Business


Gaju Flower is located on the 2nd level of California Marketplace (aka Gaju Market).

The lady who makes the bouquet is sweet and skillful in making beautiful arrangements. If you need to get lovely and elegant flowers and other plants as a gift for someone special, visit Gaju Flower! 

Support Local Business Gaju Flower

Get a quote on your arrangements or see their work portfolio.

15. Pretty At Sam - Local Business & Online Store


Pretty At Sam is a Korean-owned jewelry shop located at 440 S Vermont Ave STE K108 Los Angeles, CA 90020.

It sells affordable jewelry with good quality and pretty designs. Pretty At Sam even has an online store, currently offering free shipping on all domestic orders with a code. 

Shop Online at prettyatsam.com

Check out Pretty At Sam's new arrivals and best-selling jewelry items.

16. Fruit Tree Story - Local Business

Suzy Oh

Fruit Tree Story is a friendly mom-and-pop shop that mainly sells fruits and veggies. Get dry and regular fruit selection such as strawberry, apples, baby bananas and more. Its cute and charming decorations are also a delight to the eyes.

The address of Fruit Tree Story is 3663 W 6th St, Los Angeles, CA 90020. 

17. House of Leehwa (@houseofleehwa) - Local Business & Online Store


House of Leehwa has numerous Hanbok-themed items including Hanbok masks and streetwear. It is an extended brand from Leehwa Wedding, one of the best bridal gown stores in Koreatown LA.  Get gifts with a traditional design with a modern twist at House of Leehwa. Shop online at www.leehwawedding.com.

Shop Online for House of Leehwa Collection

Check out House of Leehwa's online store for its beautiful Hanbok-themed items!

18. Philosoaphy (@philosoaphy_la) - Local Business


Philosoaphy has an extensive collection of natural soap with adorable designs. For this Christmas, Philosoaphy has released Santa and tree editions as holiday specials. All products are handmade using 100% natural vegetable oil blended with aroma essential oil. Philosoaphy accepts orders and inquiries via Instagram DM. Check out its Instagram account for pickup information.

Interested in Philosoaphy?

Check out Philosoaphy's Instagram account for more information and inquiries.

19. Music Plaza - Local Business & Online Store


Music Plaza is located at 928 S Western Ave Ste 107 Los Angeles, CA 90006.

It has a variety of items that not only includes K-pop genre but also J-Pop, Jazz, New Age, and even old school K-pop such as trot, Na Hoona or Jo Yongpil. It also sells official merchs from SM, JYP, YG and Big Hit entertainment. If you are looking for a gift for a K-pop fan, just hop in and take a glance to see what this big store can get you.

Shop Online at musicplaza.com

Check out Music Plaza's new arrivals and official merchs for SM, YG, JYP and Bighit Entertainment!

20. iBookPark - Local Business & Online Store


iBookPark has a lot of toys and books for kids that came all the way from Korea. If you are looking for toddlers and children’s books in Korean, or Korean workbooks, iBookPark is a perfect place to find one. It also has excellent customer service, and fast shipping for its online order.

The address of iBookPark is 4005 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90019. 

Shop Online at ibookpark.com

Check out iBookPark's new arrivals and best-selling books!

21. Cards and Collectibles - Local Business

@ cardsandcollectibles

Cards and Collectibles is a local collectible store that sells some very rare products. It has a solid collection of items including baseball signatures, cards, brick bear figurines, etc.

The store is located at 541 S Western Ave Los Angeles, CA 90020. 

22. Naemo (@naemo.la) - Online Store


Naemo is a brand that celebrates Korean culture in their own creative way. Collaborating with various artists, Naemo brings out their limited collection of unique items that make perfect gifts. This time they have released Hyang, the latest collection which is centered around a sensory experience that features incense, teas, and desserts from Korean American makers in Los Angeles. 

Interested in Naemo LA?

Check out Naemo LA's Instagram account for more information and inquiries.

23. Turn Zero Games - Local Business


Big fan of board games, Pokemon or magic cards? Check them out here at Turn Zero Games. Turn Zero Games has helpful employees and a great selection of games to choose from.

The store is located at 3959 Wilshire Blvd Ste A-9 Los Angeles, CA 90010.

Shop Online at turnzerogames.com

Check out Turn Zero Games' best-selling board games and game-related social events.

24. MSTOREBUY - Local Business & Online Store


MSTOREBUY is a Korean home shopping store in Koreatown, LA. Operated by MBC, one of South Korea’s largest TV and radio networks, it focuses on beauty, health and high-quality kitchen products as well as DVDs or Korean dramas or some jewelries.

The address of the store is 3400 W 6th St Ste 301 Los Angeles, CA 90020. 

Shop Online at mstorebuy.com

Check out MSTOREBUY's K-Food and K-Beauty items
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