3THYME Coffee & Herbs is Your New Coffee Hangout in Koreatown LA

3THYME Coffee & Herbs offer delicious coffee and espresso drinks along with tasty tea drinks as well. It is newly opened in the beginning of March, and a lot of customers have already enjoyed the service. With a small interior space, customers are able to comfortably chat inside or work in the outdoor space with tables and chairs. It is filled with outlets you can use to work or chat with friends. There is parking available in the back so you can go at your own comfort. 

Why 3THYME Coffee & Herbs?

3THYME Coffee & Herbs is a great new place to try coffee and tea. Many customers claim that it is a new hole in the wall coffee shop. With the spacious outdoor space with outlets you can use, you can definitely enjoy working outside while you take a sip of their drinks. And with great customer service, you can definitely ask for their recommendations if you are confused with what to get. It is a great place to try out new small businesses during a difficult time like the pandemic. 

Where is 3THYME Coffee & Herbs located?

3THYME Coffee & Herbs is located near Ahgassi Gopchang on Harvard Blvd between the 6th St and Wilshire Blvd. The nearby restaurant is located next to Yifang Taiwan Fruit Tea and Woo Mi Kwan Restaurant. KingChang is also located right near the coffee shop, so you can always visit these restaurants if you feel hungry or grab a coffee or tea for dessert afterwards. 

What is on the menu?

For now, there are many types of specialty coffee and tea that the cafe serves. There are delicious cold brew, espresso drinks, lattes, signature drinks, and specialty tea you can choose from. The most recommended and loved would be the Misu as it is their signature drink and a Korean-drink-turned-latte. The other recommendation would be the French Vanilla Latte with a cute heart design with the latte froth. 

You should definitely check out 3THYME Coffee & Herbs as it is delicious and a newly opened cafe that you won’t regret trying. 

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