Ann Bridges – The Artist & Instructor Behind the Utility Box Murals in Koreatown

Ann Bridges Utility Box Artwork Commissioned by the City of Los Angeles in Koreatown LA

Ann Bridges Art Studio Koreatown LA

Koreatown LA Based Artist & Instructor Ann Bridges

Ann Bridges is an artist & art instructor based in Koreatown LA. As a true SoCal native, Ann Bridges has spent the last decade focusing on helping the community through her art. Ann Bridges Art Studio is located right in the heart of Koreatown LA.

Most famous for her utility box artwork throughout Wilshire Center Koreatown LA and other major SoCal metros such as Long Beach, Ann Bridges is a renowned artist that is also focused on helping communities in her own artistic way.

Ann Bridges Art Studio Koreatown LA

Finding Inspiration in Southern California

Although many artists & creators make their way to Los Angeles later on in their careers, Ann Bridges is a true Southern California native and channels her inner California throughout much of her work. Through Ann’s work you can see the inspiration that she draws from her surroundings which artistically resemble the landscapes, colors, and vibrant perspectives found throughout Southern California.

Ann Bridges Art Studio in Koreatown LA

Ann Bridges Art Studio is located in an iconic building on the corner of 6th Street & Western Ave. Her studio is nestled on the top floor of 3923 W 6th St, Los Angeles, CA 90020 and provides artists & creators an open-minded, bright, and airy setting to channel and develop their inner creativities.

One of the best features of Ann Bridges Art Studio is the wrap around loft which creates a warm setting while giving you an amazing view of all the action in the area.

An Artist for the Koreatown LA Community

Although Ann Bridges has had her fair share of unpleasant experiences in Koreatown LA, Ann Bridges is a community figure that has helped beautify the Wilshire Center Koreatown LA neighborhood.

If you have ever taken a stroll down Wilshire Blvd in Koreatown LA, you have probably already seen and benefitted from Ann Bridges’ contributions to the community. She has helped beautify the public area through her iconic collection of 10 utility box murals. 

Although her utility box murals are quite romantic in their finished forms, Ann Bridges pointed out that every single one of the 10 utility boxes starts with her rolling up her sleeves, getting on her knees, and scrubbing them down to clean & prep them as canvases.

Thank you Ann Bridges for beautifying the Koreatown LA community. We need more community figures like you.

One of Ann's Most Interesting Moments in Koreatown

Being an artist for the community, especially in Koreatown LA, isn’t always sunshine & rainbows. 

While working on one of her utility box murals in Koreatown LA, Ann Bridges had an interesting run in with a local fellow who seemed a bit unusual. While keeping to herself and painting the mural on the utility box near Wilshire & Western, Ann Bridges noticed someone yelling and aggressively waltzing around the vicinity. 

As the questionable man and his intents became concerning, neighborhood safety officers came by to shoo the man away. Cursing and yelling at the neighborhood safety officers, the man angrily stomped off away from Ann Bridges while she was doing her artwork.


Shortly after, the same man came running back towards Ann Bridges at full speed, inciting concern. The man aggressively approached Ann Bridges, reached into his pocket, pulled out a single $1 dollar bill, and threw it towards Ann Bridges. The neighborhood safety officers came cycling back towards Ann Bridges in concern for her safety.

The man then yelled at the neighborhood safety officers: “THAT’S FOR HER! NOT FOR YOU GUYS!!”

Ann Bridges detailed this unique encounter for us in her art studio. What’s most interesting is that even a man who was unhoused and struggling to find his way through life was so inspired by Ann Bridges’ contribution to Koreatown LA community and expressed his gratitude in the little but meaningful way that he could.

Ann Bridges Art Studio Koreatown LA

What's Next for Ann Bridges & Her Art Studio?

Throughout the pandemic, artist and community figure Ann Bridges has had to adapt to the COVID-19 restrictions. Ann Bridges currently offers online classes but is now focused on bringing back her students into her art studio on 6th Street & Western Ave. 

If you are an an emerging artist who is looking for the perfect art studio to develop your creativity under the guidance of an experienced and unique creator, look no further because Ann Bridges is one of the most important artists & instructors throughout the city of Los Angeles.

Thank you Ann Bridges for all that you do and helping others find their artistic self through your work.

Interested in Ann Bridges Art Studio?

Find out more info on her latest work & upcoming classes!
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