Bagnet Tea House is a New Filipino Restaurant Within Koreatown LA

Bagnet Tea House opened in January 2022 as it is located in the northern part of Koreatown. There are not a lot of Filipino restaurants within Koreatown, so guests are pleasantly surprised to eat at an authentic Filipino restaurant. With amazing food and ao nice ambience, you should definitely stop by Bagnet Tea House. 

What's special about Bagnet Tea House?

The first, most important reason would be that it would be an authentic Filipino restaurant that opened in Koreatown, LA. As Koreatown is mostly filled with Korean restaurants, pubs, bars, and more, it is a newer approach to diversifying Koreatown to be filled with other authentic cuisines that don’t have a Korean touch to them. The boba that is being sold at Bagnet Tea House is loved by guests as they all prefer it. Although it might be new and odd to think about other cuisines entering into Koreatown, it is the first step of a changing culture so that Koreatown is not just filled with Korean culture but a mix of different cultures getting along and building a strong community together. Starting off with Bagnet Tea House, we are slowly seeing a change within newer restaurants. 

Where is Bagnet Tea House Located?

Bagnet Tea House is located near Vermont Ave and 2nd St. It is also located right next to another Filipino restaurant along with a Subway, an Autozone and more. 

What is on the menu?

The most ordered item on the menu would be Adobo chicken and pork chops. However, another popular item on the menu that people like to order would be the boba and Thai tea. As all the customers have great reviews on the food and drinks, you can definitely try out the tea and food. 

Definitely be sure you can check out Bagnet Tea House as it is a great place to try delicious cooked Filipino food and boba drinks. With new restaurants popping up in Koreatown, there are different cuisines entering into Koreatown to help diversify the region. 

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