Bowling Alley Shatto 39 Lanes in Koreatown LA Now Fully Reopened


Shatto 39 Lanes is an iconic bowling alley located on Vermont Avenue in Koreatown Los Angeles. Built in 1954, this timeless bowling alley boasts 39 lanes with a full dance bar, bar food, arcade, and even a billiards room. As one the oldest dedicated entertainment and nightlife center in Koreatown Los Angeles, Shatto 39 Lanes is fully reopen without restrictions.

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Fully Reopened

Since the Los Angeles mandate to fully reopen was enacted (June 2021), Shatto 39 Lanes has been fully reopen. After having to close every other lane or even sometimes 2 lanes between parties for the last 18 months, Shatto 39 Lanes is now back in full swing (masks still required).

The entertainment centers such as the bars, arcade, and billiards room are all fully reopen with no restrictions to capacity due to COVID-19. As Shatto 39 Lanes struggles to bounce back due to the changes in consumer behavior specifically with hands-on experiences/businesses, we would like to encourage everyone who is vaccinated to go and show your support for Shatto 39 Lanes and its comeback post COVID-19!

Our Favorites

When you visit Shatto 39 Lanes be sure to check out the arcade, coffee shop, bar and of course the billiards hall! If you like the occasional greasy concession food, try out the mozzarella sticks, they seem to always be pretty good! Be sure to use a fork so you’re not slicking all that grease onto the lanes. Bowling and deep fried foods are an American past time after all.

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Prices & Rates

Based upon our most recent inquiry to Shatto 39 Lanes the pricing varies based on the time of day and day of week. I higly reccomend you just call ahead to get an exact price quote, the team that runs the place runs a pretty tight ship so you’ll be sure to get the info you need with a call to (213) 385-9475

Best Times to Go

Based on my personal expience the best time to go depends on the vibe you’re looking for. If you want a party like atmosphere definitely check out Shatto 39 Lanes on the weekends and at night. If you want a more chill, relaxed vibe without the bustling crowd, opt for a week day and early during the day, you’ll score a sweeter deal that way too.

Parking Situation

Unlike most places in Koreatown, Los Angeles, Shatto 39 Lanes has a dedicated parking lot right underneath the alley. As you park your car you can hear the bowling festivities taking place upstairs as the sound of bowling balls hitting lanes constantly fills the parking garage like an opera house.


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