Fat Tomato Opens New Chain Restaurant in Koreatown LA

Fat Tomato Pizza is a popular chain restaurant that finally opened its door in Koreatown as well. There are many varieties you can choose from while also making your own custom pizza with toppings you like. They opened in February 2022, and you have the option to either call to pick up or order online. With gourmet pizzas and salads, customers can eat a variety of delicious food right either in the restaurant or at home. 

What's so special about Fat Tomato Pizza?

Fat Tomato Pizza opens late and closes late so that customers who crave pizza late at night can fully enjoy. They have fresh gourmet pizzas, pastas, and salads that you can order within the time period they are open. Another great reason why you have to try Fat Tomato would be that they make all the sauces and dressings from scratch right in the restaurant. And Fat Tomato Pizza can be trusted as there are more than one chain restaurants as it’s located in Rolling Hills, Hermosa Beach, Marina Del Ray, Long Beach, Harbor City, San Pedro, and Seattle as well. They are also available to pick up or through delivery apps at your convenience. 

Where is Fat Tomato Pizza Located?

They are located in the Western Village, right on 3rd St, and Western Ave. Right nearby Fat Tomato Pizza would be Song Hak Korean BBQ, California Market, and Han Bat Shul Lang Tang all within walking distance. You can also visit their other locations within Los Angeles and even Seattle. 

What's on their menu?

Fat Tomato has a variety of gourmet, original New York style pizzas that you can also customize your toppings with. Along with pizza, they sell delicious salads and pastas that go well with their savory pizzas. There are gluten free pizza and vegan cheese available to order for those who wish to order it. All of their products are made fresh within the kitchen like their dough, sauces, and dresses using organic, local products. The mozzarella cheese is also shredded daily which makes the experience more personal and delicious. 

If you want to try their healthy and tasty pizza right in the comfort of your home or to go in person, make sure you try out Fat Tomato Pizza! It will be an experience you won’t forget, and you can also enjoy it with your friends for a late night party or hangout. Fat Tomato is also located in other cities, so you can always stop by to try their delicious selections. 

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