HanShik Express is Delicious and Quick in Koreatown LA

Let’s be real here. It’s hard to get authentic Korean food on a budget or when you have to wait for an hour to eat at a restaurant. Ordering delivery food from a Korean restaurant can be pricey as well. So, what’s the solution? Kang Chef tackled this situation by opening up HanShik Express, translated to Korean Food Express.

What’s special about HanShik Express?

Similarly structured to Panda Express, the boxed lunch or “doshirak” is created to be a “fast food Korean lunch” filled with sides, main entree, and rice you can choose from on their menu. Also, you can get it delivered or taken out. Catering is offered for special occasions and events as well. It’s made for convenience while also serving delicious cooked Korean meals that you can only order from a Korean restaurant.

Chef Kang also focuses on making sure every customer is satisfied with the quality of his food and the service he provides. You will especially feel welcomed if you are unsure what to get as his staff will assist in giving recommendations and answering questions about their bestselling items.

Where is it located?

HanShik Express moved into the old Yoshinoya location at Wilshire & Gramercy. Nearby the restaurant would be Awesome Coffee, MyGym, and El Pollo Loco. 

What’s on the menu?

There are Korean classics like Spicy Rice Cakes (tteokbokki), Braised Spicy Prime Beef Short Ribs (galbijjim), Korean fried drumsticks, and more. However, there are fusion dishes like Spicy Stirred Fry Chicken & Mushroom and Spicy Kimchi & Beef Meatball Pasta that you can try. In addition, the sides are diverse from selections like spicy tuna pasta salad, and soy eggs, to deep-fried shrimp with cream sauce and jalapeño meat poppers.

Customers can also order the Chef Kang Power Bowl, which includes rice, egg potato salad, soy eggs, fried dumpling, and a meat of the customer’s choice. He sells homemade 2lb kimchi for people who do not eat store-bought kimchi to eat at home.

For a quick and inexpensive Korean meal that you can bring anywhere, make sure to stop by HanShik Express!


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