Hanu Korean BBQ Should Be Your Next KBBQ Stop in Koreatown LA

Hanu Korean BBQ is a premium KBBQ restaurant that focuses on a fine choice diner, top quality alcohol, and ensures quantity over quality. Although it’s not AYCE, you can experience a whole new world of KBBQ dining where you can taste delicious meat combos and chef’s special dishes.

What’s so special about Hanu Korean BBQ?

Hanu BBQ focuses on having top premium meat while keeping the ambiance of a Korean BBQ experience. What’s specifically different about Hanu would be that the restaurant sells both Korean and non-Korean alcohol, which is not very common in a Korean BBQ. Most Korean BBQs usually only sell either American beer or Korean alcohol. It’s not very common to have tequila and vodka at Korean BBQ.

Where is it located?

Hanu Korean BBQ is located on S Virgil St. and W 6th St. It is located close to Shrine, which is a karaoke bar that you can visit after eating a hearty meal at Hanu. 

What's on the menu?

At Hanu BBQ, the restaurant offers 4 types of combos that you can select depending on which meat you want and how many people are at your party. Combos are when specific meats are grouped along with one type of stew, and the amount of meat differs between combos and sizes. L is usually the biggest as it can serve up to 4-5 people. M serves a party of 3-4 people while S can usually serve 2-3 people.

A Combo is the only combo with all three sizes of L, M, and S, and it is the priciest. It will be surprising that the combos cost from $90-$150, but it is all due to the high-quality meat that Hanu serves. Combos B, C, and D only have L and S portions, but you can order more with separate meat that is available on the side.

In addition, you can order various alcoholic drinks as there are wines, whiskey, vodka, tequila, and classic Korean alcohol served for those of age.


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