Hookme Rolls is Delicious, Unique, and New to Koreatown LA

Hookme Rolls is a Korean-Japanese restaurant that recently opened with high anticipation. Hookme Rolls are enjoyed by many customers as they use a significantly different ingredient that you don’t see in other sushi places. With top quality ingredients, Hookme wants to bring comfort and deliciousness to guests as they are dining in the restaurant. 

Why is it different from other sushi places?

The key ingredient that is different from other roll restaurants would be Hookme uses black rice instead of white. Black rice is a savory taste that has many health benefits like a good source of nutrients, rich in antioxidants, is gluten-free, and helps with maintaining weight loss. As Hookme writes in their website, black rice has more protein than brown and white rice as black rice has more fiber, protein, and nutrients. 

Where is it located?

Hookme Rolls opened on December 22, 2021. It is located inside Oxford Center Plaza near Star Night, Twozone Chicken, Thank You Pho, and more. 

What's on the menu?

The menu is filled with delicious rolls but the classic white rice is replaced by nutritious black rice. Will rolls like the Rainbow Rolls, Las Vegas Rolls, Spicy Tuna Tempura Rolls, and more, you can enjoy the classic rolls. There are also signature Keto rolls that are dine-in only that are delicious and diet-friendly. 

Make sure you check out Hookme Rolls to try their black rice sushi rolls as it brings a new taste and ambience to rolls. Try their delicious classic rolls along with their miso soup and udon, that are also well-loved by their customers. 

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