Iconic Koreatown Galbi Jim Restaurant Gives Abandoned Sizzler New Lease on Life

Sun Nong Dan’s new location on Western Ave in a Former Sizzler Restaurant

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An Institution for Galbi Jim in Koreatown LA

One of Koreatown’s most iconic restaurants Sun Nong Dan has broken ground on a new location on Western ave, 3 blocks south from Wilshire Blvd.

Sun Nong Dan, most famously known for 2+ hour long waits in their 20 seater restaurant across from Chapman Plaza, has been best known and loved for their Galbi Jim. 

Bringing a New Life to a Former Sizzler Space

This new location is an astounding moment for the history of Koreatown since Sun Nong Dan is expanding into a formerly American chain restaurant, Sizzler. The significance of this is that the Korean American entrepreneurs now have the access and capital to operate larger scale of their culturally niche businesses in America. 

What’s most interesting about this is that Sun Nong Dan’s logo has always has the traditional Korean rooftop design built into it’s brand. The former Sizzler location that Sun Nong Dan is opening it’s new 100+ capacity location already had a Korean rooftop aesthetic, making me believe that this expansion was truly meant to be.

Sun Nong Dan's new location in Former Sizzler on Western Ave. in Koreatown

What's Next for the New Sun Nong Dan Location?

Although we were unable to reach our contacts at Sun Nong Dan, we are able to confirm that the new location will be able to seat anywhere from 60-100 customers with a focus on both in door and outdoor dining space. 

Customer favorites are expected to stay on the core menu but we are excited to see if Sun Nong Dan can offer any new hit creations that will become fan favorites for years to come!


  • Janice
    September 21, 2021 at 2:03 PM

    Great article. Would love to see more about the food scene in ktown!

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