Jin Ju Restaurant Opens Up in Koreatown LA

Jin Ju Restaurant has delicious meat combos, stews, and noodles. Jin Ju opened eight weeks ago, and many customers enjoy the meat combos and hot soup items.

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Why Jin Ju Restaurant?

Although it is not All-You-Can-Eat, customers claim the restaurant serves high-quality meat that is delicious and different from other restaurants. Another popular item that customers enjoy eating is the marinated raw crabs that are served. Many Korean restaurants serve marinated crab as a small side dish, but Jin Ju sells it for a quantity that can be shared between 2-3 people.

Where is Jin Ju Restaurant located?

Jin Ju is located on 203 N Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA. Located near the main Western street, Jin Ju is located near Coffee Signal and Pho 2000. 

Jane S. Yelp

What is the menu at Jin Ju Restaurant?

Two types of marinated crabs are sold at Jin Ju: spicy marinated raw crab and soy sauce marinated raw crab. You can order a special combo with high-quality meat, vegetables, and a special sauce. Although it’s quite expensive, it’s enough to feed about 2-3 people. The menu is limited to serving only a few items, but they are delicious one-of-a-kind,

You can enjoy a great time at Jin Ju with friends and family as the service is well loved. With lots of space inside and in the parking lot, Jin Ju Restaurant should be your next BBQ restaurant to visit.


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