King Chang Restaurant Opens Up New Chain Restaurant in Koreatown LA

King Chang opened on May 12, 2022 with much anticipation. In Koreatown, there are also many other famous intestine restaurants like Aghassi Gopchang and Song Hak. So what makes King Chang different? 

Why King Chang?

King Chang first opened up in Buena Park, California, in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet, despite the difficulties of opening up during the pandemic, King Chang became one of the most famous Korean restaurants in the area. With traditional side dishes that are well paired with Korean meat and beef intestines, King Chang is delicious and well-loved.

Where is King Chang Located?

Located right next to Ahgassi Gopchang, King Chang newly opened on 6th St. King Chang is also located near 3THYME Coffee & Herbs, which is the perfect place to visit when you are with friends after lunch or dinner. 

What is Served at King Chang?

King Chang serves delicious combinations with beef, pork, and intestines. However, King Chang also specializes in other menu items that are different from other intestine restaurants. King Chang serves appetizing bar food like fish cake soup, kimchi stew, and other fried goods. There are also special dishes like beef tartare, seafood pancake, spicy stir tripe, and more. It’s most recommended to order intestine combos that can be shared between either 2-3 people or 3-4 people.

It’s not common for other intestine restaurants to sell more dishes that are not beef, pork, and intestines. But King Chang makes sure to deliver the best side dishes that can pair well with both alcohol and beef intestines. Make sure you don’t drink underage and also drive under the influence.


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