L.O.L is High Quality Food Court Sushi in Koreatown LA

L.O.L is a newly opened Japanese restaurant with rolls, bento boxes, poke, and udon. Located in Koreatown Plaza, you can shop around first before heading to L.O.L for a nice bowl of udon paired with fresh rolls.

What’s so special about L.O.L?

It’s difficult to find Japanese sushi rolls and poke balls that are delicious and fresh within a food court. In addition, it’s not extremely common to also have catering available at a restaurant inside a food court. L.O.L debunks these worries as they serve delicious fresh sushi rolls. In addition, they have big servings for their bento boxes with fresh salad and sides.

Where is it located?

L.O.L is located right inside the Koreatown Plaza. Once you walk into the first floor, make sure you head straight into the food court to see L.O.L.

What's on the menu?

Despite being inside a food court, there are so many varieties of food you can try. You can try their simple avocado rolls, spicy tuna rolls, salmon rolls, and more. In addition, they have noodles as well like udon and cold soba. Their special and premium rolls consist of rainbow rolls, pink lady rolls, B.T.S rolls, energy rolls, and more. You can also order from their appetizers which would be edamame, tempura, or dumplings. They also sell poke bowls and bento boxes that you can share with others.

Make sure you stop by L.O.L rolls when you’re at Koreatown Plaza. You surely won’t regret it even if it’s not common to see fresh hand-made sushi rolls at a food court!


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