New Korean Boba Shop Heuk Hwa Dang Opens in Koreatown LA

Heuk Hwa Dang is a new boba shop in the Madang Courtyard. Opened on April 9, Heuk Hwa Dang is a South Korean franchise in locations all around South Korea, Malaysia, and Japan as well. Specializing in premium coffee, ice cream, tea drinks, and croiffles. 

What's so special about Heuk Hwa Dang?

Heuk Hwa Dang is a popular dessert with delicious brown sugar bubble tea with high quality ingredients. In comparison to other bubble tea places, Heuk Hwa Dang opened its new doors in Los Angeles for the first time as it was only seen in Japan and Malaysia internationally. It is known as Korea’s #1 Bubble Tea, so it definitely is worth trying while still open until 10pm. 

Where is it located?

Heuk Hwa Dang newly opened in Madang Courtyard, nearby Beard Papa’s, Paris Baguette, and Daiso. It’s also located near CGV Cinemas and Sul&Beans. You can find the shop near towards the main Western Ave. 

What's on the menu?

Unlike many boba places, Heuk Hwa Dang also sells snacks and other items that can be paired well with bubble tea. Known for their croiffles, a croissant-turned waffle, there are other dessert items you can order to enjoy with your bubble tea. Korean croiffles are both savory and sweet as it’s also warm, flaky, and buttery. There is also milk tea bubble ice cream that is sold which you should try if you enjoy ice cream as well. 

If you want to try Korea’s #1 bubble tea along with other well-loved Korean desserts, make sure to visit Heuk Hwa Dang for a new experience. 


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