The 5 Best Korean Tofu Soup Restaurants in Koreatown LA

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Korean Tofu Soup usually indicates Sundubu-jjigae, a soft tofu soup which is made with soft curdled tofu which hasn’t been strained and pressed. The dish consists of soft tofu, vegetables, optional seafood or meat, gochujang(hot chili paste), or gochu garu(hot chili powder). The dish is cooked and served directly on a hot clay pot called Ttukbaegi.

The origins of this Tofu Soup trace back to late Goreyo dynasty to early Joseon dynasty which is around 15 to 16th century. According to documents recorded in the Joseon dynasty, it was a type of royal cuisine in early times but soon trickled down to ordinary people’s daily meals. 

Tofu Soup is one of the most well known and popular Korean dishes across many countries. The silky texture of soft tofu will easily soothe your body and soul as the spiciness of the soup could also give a sinus-cleaning experience with sprinkles of sweat. This dish has many charms as it has many variations based on the kind of ingredients used to cook it.

BCD Tofu House

How to Enjoy Tofu Soup

Try to crack a raw egg into the soup while it is still vigorously boiling. As the egg slightly poaches itself, not only will it add savoriness to the flavor but also allow an exciting moment of breaking and you can even enjoy it with rice when scooped out. Many Tofu Soup restaurants, if not all, are generous enough to provide raw eggs for their customers, so if you want an egg for your soup, make sure to check out the reviews for the restaurant you are considering visiting. 

For a full Korean home-style dining experience, try Tofu Soup with other Banchan, Korean small side dishes, accompanying rice. Tofu Soup can also be a perfect remedy for a terrible hangover.

Have dietary restrictions that hinders you from trying Korean food? Don’t worry. There are so many ways to make a Tofu Soup which allows multiple versions of vegan options to be out there, so all you have to do is just find a Tofu Soup restaurant that serves the dish with ingredients and broth of your choice. Unlike most Korean dishes that require meat, this dish can still be appetizing and attractive to many people even without using meat as the main ingredient!

5 Most Popular Tofu Soup restaurants in Koreatown LA


If you’re living in SoCal, you would probably know quite well about BCD Tofu House. Established in 1996 by a Korean immigrant Hee Sook Lee, this franchise has grown up into the biggest national Tofu Soup chain in America, leading the Hallyu(Korean wave) in K-Food. If you order a Tofu dish here, you’ll be able to enjoy a hearty meal from a set of Banchan that includes one whole fried fish to hot pot rice where you can later pour hot water after finishing the rice and enjoy scorched rice stuck on the side. The Tofu Soup has a deepness in its taste unlike any other poor quality restaurants, and even though the price is not too low, it is worth every penny. If you want any side dishes, I’d suggest you add Galbi on the side where you can taste the sweet grilled meat that goes really well with Tofu Soup. 

Facebook: Surawon Tofu House

Surawon is a tofu and noodles restaurant located in Koreatown, LA. It is famous for using home-made, non-GMO and organic tofu which makes a healthy choice for everyone including kids. What’s more, Surawon stands apart from any other Tofu Soup restaurants in that they use black soybean when they make tofus which adds “nuttier” flavor to the soup. 

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Seongbukdong is a truly authentic mom and pop restaurant located in the heart of Koreatown, West 6th street. They serve all kinds of Korean dishes,and Tofu Soups are definitely their best selling menus that hit the spot for those craving for real Korean food. Their Tofu Soups are filled to the brim with fresh tofu, not to mention their decent Banchan to pair up with the soup.


Chunju Han-il Kwan is a solid place to enjoy authentic Korean food. Their Tofu Soup is also very rich and flavorful just like their other menus. According to those who have visited as a go-to place for Korean food, their food tastes pretty consistent. Try their other casseroles and entrees so that you can enjoy your meal to the fullest.


Namsan Restaurant is a great place for both traditional and casual Korean food. You can enjoy almost everything from Korean Spicy Beef Stew to Korean Fried Chicken. While many of the businesses are closed before 10PM, this place is open until 12 to 1AM everyday so just come in if you’re craving for some Tofu Soup late at night. Their Tofu Soup is one of the best-selling menus and the tofu is cooked in shank bone broth. You can choose the level of spiciness as well as meat/seafood of your choice for the soup. 


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