Try Traditional Dim Sums at HKC Dim Sum in Koreatown LA

HKC Dim Sum is a new restaurant that focuses on making fresh handmade dim sum and other Asian cuisines. As the restaurant opens late in the evening, you should visit HKC to try different Asian cuisines with dim sum.

What's so special about HKC Dim Sum?

Koreatown is slowly evolving, with more non-Korean restaurants opening up in the community. Dumplings or mandoo are the Korean versions of a Chinese dim sum. It’s a new step to diversifying Koreatown with non-traditional Korean dishes. Also, it is known that dim sum is more of a breakfast/lunch meal to eat; however, HKC is open during the hours for late lunch/dinner hours. HKC is only open at 11am during the weekends.

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Where is it located?

HKC is located on the third floor of City Center, right near Hanshin Pocha on the same floor. The location opens from 5 pm-10 pm (11 pm during the weekends). You can shop around at H Mart and head up to HKC when you’re hungry.

What's on the menu?

Whether you’re planning to dine in or take out, you need to fill out a form to indicate which items you want to eat. The menu is diverse as there are steamed specials of dumplings, steamed rice rolls, deep-fried rolls and balls, pan-fried buns or dumplings, and wok-styled items like wings and noodles. You can also order delicious tea that varies from oolong tea, jasmine tea, green tea, and more.

The restaurant also serves alcoholic mixed beverages made from Haku Vodka to replicate the “spirit of Japan”. The alcohol served at HKC would be American whiskeys, Japanese whiskey, and scotches, which would complement well with the food served.

Visit HKC Dimsum to have some delicious dim sums and rice balls with alcoholic beverages if you are of age. Koreatown is slowly expanding to include both Korean and non-Korean cuisines, which blend the heart of LA into one community.


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