Welcome to Yeems Coffee, a New Coffee Shop in Koreatown LA

Yeems Coffee is a new coffee shop that is delicious and also cozy with a homey ambience. Although there is no outdoor seating, it is just a small indoor space where you can talk with friends and family members while enjoying delicious coffee. It opened on November 11, 2021, and there has been some growth with customers who have grown to enjoy the coffee shop. 

What's so special about Yeems Coffee?

Yeems Coffee is a small coffee shop that is not aesthetically decorated like other well known coffee shops in Koreatown. However, it is a small yet cute coffee shop where customers are enjoying the coffee shop. With friendly staff members and a focus on great coffee, it might be a place where you can enjoy with friends and whenever you want to study. Unlike the expensive coffee shops that are seen around Koreatown, it is a great opportunity to try places that are not getting much spotlight. Yeems Coffee will be a great place for newcomers to try delicious coffee and also support smaller businesses that are less well-known. 

Where is Yeems Coffee located at?

Located right in the middle of Westmoreland Ave and 6th St, Yeems Coffee is also located right next to Yuk Dae Jang. With reasonable prices and cozy home vibes, there is a nice and easy parking lot. 

What is on the menu?

With delicious coffee and pastries, Yeems Coffee is a great place to visit. Customers really seem to enjoy various drinks on the menu like the buttercream latte, ice latte, homemade vanilla latte and more. There are also delicious croissants, toast, bagels, and more. There are also expressos offered and non-coffee drinks that are sold. 

If you want to have delicious coffee that is enjoyable with friends and family, we definitely recommend you to try Yeems Coffee! Even if it’s small and less well-known than other coffee shops within LA, you need to definitely try this place out! 

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