What are Korean Noodles?

Korean noodles, also known as gookso, is definitely an experience you must try as there are a variety of noodles you can enjoy. There are many noodles that must be eaten with soup or without. So what must you try? 

Hot soup noodles

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Hot soup noodles are extremely popular as they can be eaten within any time of the year. They warm you up during the cold winters or they help you relax and sweat during the hot summer. The broth is usually created from anchovy, kelp, or beef broth with lots of vegetables which make it healthy and delicious. The noodles are usually made from flour, and they range in thickness as some noodle dishes are thin while others are thick. 

The most popular types of hot soup noodles are knife-cut flour noodles, also known as kalguksu, which are served in a seafood or beef based broth with lots of vegetables. The noodles are thick, and they are the perfect dish for a cold day as they warm you up immediately. 

Another popular hot soup noodle would be party noodles, also known as janchi gooksu, made from thin, wheat flour noodles in a light broth from anchovy with either kelp or beef. They are usually served during birthdays, weddings, and other occasions as janchi translates to party, and the long shape of the noodles is to present longevity and long-lasting marriage life. But even if there is no party, you can enjoy a bowl of janchi noodles when you feel like it. 

There are other delicious hot soup noodles you should definitely try.

Cold noodles

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Cold noodles are usually served with no broth or cold, refreshing broth that is the best served during the hot summer days. It helps refresh your body to cool off the heat. Oftentimes, the broth is served with ice if it includes broth. The noodles are usually thin and either made from flour or buckwheat. 

One of the most popular cold noodles would be naengmyeon, which are thin, buckwheat noodles that are served in a cold soup or served with a spicy red pepper paste sauce. They are the most popular dishes at Korean BBQ as you would order these cold noodles after grilling meat to cool yourself off from the heat. The cold soup version is filled with ice, cucumbers, thin slices of meat, and an egg. The red pepper paste sauce version usually does not have much broth, and it is also topped with the same condiments. 

Another popular dish is dongchimi, which is the noodles within a cold bowl of dongchimi, which is Korean radish that is fermented like kimchi but is not spicy at all. It also is eaten along with galbi as they complement one another. 

Jjolmyeon is a spicy, chewy noodle dish that is served with lots of fresh vegetables like carrots, cabbages, and more. It is also served with a boiled egg on top, and it can be ordered from a Korean street food shop as it is the perfect dish to eat for lunch. 

Why Korean noodles?

Korean noodles are full of nutrition and can be eaten throughout all seasons. In comparison to pasta and other noodle dishes like stir-fried noodles, Korean noodles are all about the best quality soup with chewy, delicious noodles. With the best side dishes to compliment the noodles, it helps the experience become even more enjoyable.


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