What is a Korean Karaoke (Noraebang) & 5 Best Karaokes in Koreatown LA

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What is a Korean Karaoke?

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Korean karaoke, aka NRB (Noraebang), is a singing venue where people can go inside private sound-proof rooms equipped with microphones, remote controls, a large video screen, disco lights, and instruments like tambourines. Korean karaokes consist of private singing rooms, unlike karaoke machines seen in open spaces. Each room can be reserved for hours, with groups singing privately for hours. Singing is an important part of social life in South Korea, where people would visit NRBs as the ‘last stop’ after a night of alcohol and dinner. 

However, there is a new type of karaoke booming in South Korea. Coin Noraebaeng is a type of karaoke where people pay a few coins for each song that they sing. The normal rate is 1,000 won (approximately $1) for two songs. Coin NRBs are smaller than normal NRBs making it easy for people to come and go. 

NRBs are very popular in cities with colleges inside as it is dominated by young adults, as it is a way to relieve academic stress. 

Korean karaokes are a popular type of entertainment that enables singing with music accompaniment. In addition, it can definitely be an unforgettable experience for friends and families who want to spend time together.

What is Special About Korean Karaokes and How to Enjoy


The classic model of a Korean karaoke room is two microphones, a big video screen, remote controls, and decorations that include disco lights and tambourines. Songbooks are provided so people can browse through and find the corresponding number code to the song they wish to sing to. Nowadays, people can directly search for the song on the screen using remote controls. In addition, there is a wide range of songs from K-pop to English songs to J-pop and even hymns. It is enjoyable to go with friends or even go solo to karaoke. 

In addition, you can order food and drinks to stay energized during your time at karaoke. In Koreatown LA, many karaokes have kick-starters, party packages, plates, and drinks to enjoy your stay. 

There are some manners to keep in mind when you are at an NRB. Try not to sing other people’s songs unless it’s a duet and make sure to take turns. Dominating the machine on your own is not a great idea when going as a group. Also, keep in mind the songs you pick and know your audience as it’s ideal to pick songs that best fit the party. If you are having a difficult time selecting a good song, most karaokes have a top hit and the latest song chart you can select from. 

With that in mind, here are the top 5 Korean karaokes that will definitely heighten your experience.

5 Best Korean Karaokes in Koreatown LA

1. Pharaoh Karaoke

Pharaoh Karaoke

Pharaoh Karaoke is the place you can get your groove on if you want to experience authentic Korean-style karaoke. With 37th private Karaoke rooms, it is the biggest Karaoke in California. 

2. YD Karaoke Studio 

Google Photos: Shawn

YD Karaoke Studio has clean rooms and provides good customer service. This is the place you should visit if you want to sing the latest K-pop songs.

3. Palmtree Karaoke

Facebook: Palmtree Karaoke

Palm Tree Karaoke is the place to visit for Friday night fun! With new management, the service is awesome with the best comfort food. Make sure to try their Kimchi fried rice and cutlet, which make the perfect midnight snack. 

4. Rosen Music Studio

Facebook: Rosen Music Studio

Rosen Music Studio is newly remodeled and managed by Pharaoh Karaoke. This new singing venue has good pricing and nice service, making it the perfect place to chill with your friends.

Korean karaoke is an important experience of Korean culture as you can go alone or go with friends. Experiencing this in Koreatown LA with friends can bring your Friday night to another level. 


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