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  • December 6, 2023 11:55 PM local time


2748 W 8th St STE 201, Los Angeles, CA 90005, USA

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  • […] K-Town PC is one of the well-known PC cafes in Koreatown LA. Two signs at the door read ‘Safety First: Body Temperature Check Required’ and ‘Please Wear a Face Mask’. At the entrance, an electronic screen board greets everyone as it scans and checks the body temperature of the guests. A wooden board on an easel has multiple signs that read ‘PLEASE WEAR A PROPER MASK FOR EVERYONE’S SAFETY: cloth, bandanas, scarves ARE NOT considered a proper mask!’ or ‘PLEASE DO NOT WANDER WITHOUT A MASK’. Aside from COVID safety measures, there is also a notice that informs prohibition of smoking and liability of $250 fine and fire alarm for cigarettes which ensures safety and cleanliness of the gaming environment. This was impressive, because in Korea, many PC Cafes are prone to becoming smoking areas as they do not enforce this non-smoking policy. Here in America, the regulation is reinforced and everyone playing games at the time was respectful enough to comply with it. […]

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