Category: Korean Food

Feb 18
Top 10 Cafes in Koreatown LA

A comprehensive list of the best cafes & bakeries in Koreatown LA. Ranging from study…

Jan 21
What is Galbi Jjim?

An introductory article on what Galbi Jjim (Korean Beef Braised Short Ribs) are and…

Dec 29
Coffee Signal in Koreatown LA- Not Your Ordinary Coffee Shop

One of the things I enjoyed doing when I was living in South Korea was going to a…

Nov 24
Sun Nong Dan Opens 2nd Koreatown LA Location on Western Ave

The iconic Galbi Jjim restaurant from Koreatown LA, Sun Nong Dan, has officially…

Nov 10
BoolieYa – An Authentic Korean Pub Reviving a Legendary Location in Koreatown LA

In a historical strip mall on Wilshire Blvd in Koreatown LA, there is a Korean bar…

Oct 28
14 Spooky Things to Do Halloween Weekend in Koreatown LA

Halloween 2021 is on a Sunday and makes for a celebratory weekend. Find the best spots…

Oct 21
20 Mouth Watering Feasts for $20 in Koreatown LA

A list of 20 amazing restaurants to feast at under $20. Cheap eats open 7 days a week…

Oct 08
What is Jokbal & Top 5 in Koreatown LA

Table of Contents Introduction Jokbal is a Korean dish which consists of pig trotters…

Sep 22
LA Lakers Score 5-Year $100M Jersey Sponsorship from Korean Food Giant Bibigo

On September 20th, 2021, the LA Lakers announced a 5-year global marketing partnership…

Sep 14
What is Hong Kong Ban Jum 0410 & Paik’s Noodle?

Hong Kong Ban Jum 0410 & Paik’s Noodles, are go-to places for Korean Chinese in Koreatown.

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