Category: New Business

Jun 27
Jin Ju Restaurant Opens Up in Koreatown LA

Jin Ju Restaurant has delicious meat combos, stews, and noodles. Jin Ju opened eight…

Jun 24
Three New Coffee Shops Opened in Koreatown LA

There are always new cafes and coffee shops opening in Koreatown LA. However, these…

Jun 21
New Korean Boba Shop Heuk Hwa Dang Opens in Koreatown LA

Heuk Hwa Dang is a new boba shop in the Madang Courtyard. Opened on April 9, Heuk Hwa…

Jun 07
Hanu Korean BBQ Should Be Your Next KBBQ Stop in Koreatown LA

Hanu Korean BBQ is a premium KBBQ restaurant that focuses on a fine choice diner, top…

May 10
HanShik Express is Delicious and Quick in Koreatown LA

Let’s be real here. It’s hard to get authentic Korean food on a budget or when you…

Apr 29
L.O.L is High Quality Food Court Sushi in Koreatown LA

L.O.L is a newly opened Japanese restaurant with rolls, bento boxes, poke, and udon.…

Apr 19
Hookme Rolls is Delicious, Unique, and New to Koreatown LA

Hookme Rolls is a Korean-Japanese restaurant that recently opened with high…

Apr 14
New Salon Hair ARCA Opens in Koreatown LA

Hair ARCA is a brand that researches and develops products to have a healthy and…

Apr 07
New Bar Known as Fountain LA Opens in Koreatown LA

The Fountain LA is a new bar that recently opened in Koreatown, Los Angeles. The bar…

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