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Oct 18
Liquor Store Dreams – An Authentic Angeleno Story by So Yun Um

So Yun Um is a Korean American Filmmaker and Digital Content Producer born and based…

Oct 15
12 Things To Do After 12AM in Koreatown LA

The best late night activities and adventures in Koreatown LA. There is so much to do…

Oct 13
100 Unique Things To Do in Koreatown LA

A comprehensive list of 100+ unique things to do in Koreatown LA. Discover the best…

Oct 11
UPDATE: Controversial RFK Community School Mural Actively Undergoes Modification

Controversial mural in Koreatown now actively being modified.

Oct 08
What is Jokbal & Top 5 in Koreatown LA

Table of Contents Introduction Jokbal is a Korean dish which consists of pig trotters…

Oct 05
Is Koreatown LA Safe to Visit in 2021?

With a fully vaccinated rate over 54% of the entire population, relaxed mask mandates…

Sep 22
LA Lakers Score 5-Year $100M Jersey Sponsorship from Korean Food Giant Bibigo

On September 20th, 2021, the LA Lakers announced a 5-year global marketing partnership…

Sep 17
Top 5 Best Korean Cosmetics Stores in Koreatown LA

5 Amazing Korean Cosmetics Stores in Koreatown LA for the Latest Cosmetics from Korea!

Sep 14
What is Hong Kong Ban Jum 0410 & Paik’s Noodle?

Hong Kong Ban Jum 0410 & Paik’s Noodles, are go-to places for Korean Chinese in Koreatown.

Sep 10
Historic Mall in Koreatown LA: IB Plaza Under Major Renovation

Major mall and garage undergoing monumental renovation.