UPDATE: LAPD Considers Wi Spa Incident Video Transphobic Hoax

The Incident

On June 24th, 2021, Instagram user @cubaangel posted a video of herself aggressively confronting Wi Spa staff members about them letting transgender people into the Women’s section.

Immediately, there were ethical and moral issues that arose during the situation and Wi Spa has stood firm behind the incident in support of the Transgender community.

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What's Happened Since

Since the incident, the transphobic world and transgender community have clashed with Wi Spa as their battlegrounds.

Multiple protests have already taken place with stabbings and fights occurring at both of the protests. LAPD has been on the scene for the protests and the public can confirm that riot police and swat team gear was deployed to keep the situation under control.

Ultimately, people have used this video to spark public protest on the issue. 

LAPD Says its A Staged Hoax?

Are you surprised? Anonymous sources for the Los Angeles Blade within the LAPD have communicated that the LAPD believes that the video was a staged hoax because they were unable to corroborate any evidence that could support the “incident” that fueled the reaction from @cubaangel.

How Has this Affected Wi Spa?

This isn’t the first time a Koreatown business has been in the hot seat. Wi Spa supports the transgender community and will continue to allow transgender patrons in their business. 

Unfortunately, people don’t seem to realize that if you don’t like looking at something, you can look away. This has made Wi Spa a victim to this social issue and Wi Spa continues to face revenue losses due to this situation.

How Can I Help?

Share the story, stay aware, and support Wi Spa. If you’re not in the area or willing to check it out, buy a gift card and show them your support today, and save your visit for when things cool down.


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