12 Things To Do After 12AM in Koreatown LA

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Looking for that perfect late night activity to round out your evening? Look no further! In this article, KoreatownLosAngeles.com details some of the coolest and most unique things to do after midnight. Let’s jump right into it!

1. Hit Some Dingers at Strikezon LA

Open until 2AM on Fridays and Saturdays, Strikezon LA is a truly unique concept in Koreatown LA. Strikezon LA is a truly unique experience in Koreatown that offers a full bar, wide selection of delicious food, and most importantly a virtual batting cage with real baseballs. Be sure to check them out and call ahead of time to make sure the cages are available!

2. Sing Late Night Ballads at Pharaoh Karaoke Lounge

Open until 2AM on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, Pharaoh Karaoke Lounge is one of Koreatown LA’s most famous Korean karaoke lounges that boasts a wide selection of classic hits and modern songs. Pharaoh Karaoke Lounge is most well known for its ornate design, quality Karaoke machines/setups, and tasty food/drink. It can get very busy on the weekends especially after midnight, so definitely check them out and call ahead to make sure they can accommodate your crew!

3. Smoke Hookah & Sip on Boba at Boba Bear

Open until 2AM on Friday/Saturday and 1AM on Sunday, Boba Bear is an institution in Koreatown LA that offers two polarizing activities in a single experience – Hookah & Boba. Our favorite part about Boba Bear is that even late at night the vibe remains very chill. If you’re stuffed after eating way too much KBBQ definitely unwind the night at Boba Bear and let the ambiance give you the right ending to your night. Boba Bear can get quite busy on the weekends so definitely try to give them a buzz to make sure they aren’t swamped.

4. Enjoy Craft Beers & Drinks at Biergarten

With one of the most extensive selections of beers and amazing bar food to match, Biergarten in Koreatown LA is a true gem that most overlook. We’re often surprised to hear that those unfamiliar find it a bit strange that Biergarten is in Koreatown LA, but trust us – they have the best selection of quality craft beers in all of Koreatown LA. If you’re looking to continue the party but in a more relaxed vibe, wind down with some of the best beers & bites in town at Biergarten!

5. Bowl a Strike at Shatto 39 Lanes

Bowling is an All American past time and back in the day, Southern California was one of America’s meccas for bowling. Shatto 39 Lanes is a truly iconic institution in Koreatown LA right on the corner of Vermont Ave and Shatto Pl. Be sure to stop in for a late night strike to test your skills after loading up on delicious food and drinks in Koreatown LA. It can get busy on the weekends so give them a buzz ahead of time to see if lanes are open. If not, there’s an arcade and billiard room to enjoy instead!

6. Sink the 8-Ball at Koray Billiard

Hidden in a 2 story strip mall on the corner of Vermont Ave & Shatto Pl, Koray Billiard is one of the oldest pocket ball billiards halls in Koreatown LA. Although many of the billiards halls in Koreatown LA are centered around carom billiards (4 ball billiards), Koray Billiard is strictly for pocket billiards players only. If you’re into carom billiards (sa-gu in Korean), don’t worry right next door is a Korean billiards hall where you can really work on your spin and ball placement. But if you’re like us, we enjoy pocket billiards, so we always stop by Koray Billiard late at night to settle any debates that arise throughout the night. Open until 2AM everyday except Wednesday.

7. Let Loose on the Dance Floor at Arena

As one of the oldest but still rocking nightclubs in Koreatown LA, Arena is a dance oriented nightclub that is reminiscent of the Club Arena in Gangnam, South Korea. Arena is definitely a bustling and younger crowd, so if you’re looking to pick up the tempo and finish strong, Arena is a great choice on the weekends since they’re open Thursday – Saturday until 2AM.

8. Speak Easily Over Cocktails at The Normandie Club

Open 7 days a week until 2AM, The Normandie Club is a speak easy cocktail lounge with low key vibes right on 6th Street. Situated off the side street of the historical Normandie Hotel, The Normandie Club is a classic speak easy lounge with a dimly lit ambiance and a more mature crowd. If you’re not ready to hit the dance floor, but want to wind down over excellent cocktails among some interesting folks, check out The Normandie Club, 7 days a week until 2AM.

9. Break Free at Maze Room Escape Game Vermont

So you’re not looking to tear up the dance floor, but you don’t want to fall asleep in a dimly lit lounge? Look no further, schedule your Maze Room Escape Game at their Vermont Ave location late night for a thrilling and unique way to finish the night. We highly recommend that you schedule in advance and plan ahead for this since their Escape Game requires planning and setup to ensure an immersive post Korean BBQ & Soju experience. They’re open until 2AM Friday – Sunday.

10. Finish Off With a Strong Dive at Frank N Hanks

Looking for a no frills end to the night? Frank N Hanks is the choice for you. One of Koreatown LA’s last dive bars, Frank N Hanks is a local instituion known for down to earth vibes, friendly staff, and an outgoing crowd to match. Check out Frank N Hanks 7 days a week until 2AM.

11. Close Out the Night at Star Night

If you’re looking for a trendy vibe with the crowd to match, check out Star Night a Korean cocktail bar with Karaoke, DJs, and a private patio for great drinks and food. Known for being one the only few free standing restaurant and nightlife establishments in Koreatown LA, Star Night is best known for it’s trendy designs, sophisticated drinks, and expansive venue. There’s a vibe for everyone at Star Night 7 days a week until 2AM.

12. Pick Your Poison at Potions & Poisons

One of the newer cocktail lounges to hit the scene in Koreatown LA, Potions & Poisons is a very unique cocktail lounge and bar that offers a mixologist type approach to drinking, with a slice of witchcraft of course. If the drinks and food throughout the night have been rather predictable, let Potions & Poisons give you the fix to finish your night. Just don’t blame us if you get a little spooked by the vibe, just kidding, it’s a truly awesome place to close out the night, they’re open until 2AM Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!

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