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Aug 18
Top 10 Dumpling Restaurants in Koreatown LA

Dumplings, translated to mandu in Korean, are a classic dish to eat on the go or as a…

Aug 15
Top Korean Rice Cake Bakeries in Koreatown LA

Korean rice cakes are sold in separate bakeries that are worth trying. There are a…

Aug 12
KCON LA 2022 Returns to Crypto.com Arena & LACC

What is KCON? KCON is the world’s largest fan celebration of Korean culture and music.…

Aug 11
Top 20 Korean Soups in Koreatown LA

Korean soup, known as tang, comes in an array of flavors that are delicious and…

Aug 08
8 Korean Foods You Must Try in Koreatown

Guest article by Jason Park of TheKoreanGuide.com If you haven’t tried any…

Aug 08
The 10 Best Korean Bakeries in Koreatown LA

Korean pastries and bread are delectables that you must try when you’re feeling…

Aug 03
What is a Korean Karaoke (Noraebang) & 5 Best Karaokes in Koreatown LA

Photo: The Korea Times Table of Contents What is a Korean Karaoke? Nolbang News Korean…

Jul 29
Top 10 Kimbap Places to Try in Koreatown LA

Korean street food, aka Boonsik in Korean, consists of many delicious items like spicy…

Jul 27
What is Korean Fried Chicken?

Korean fried chicken is a whole culture in itself as both non-Koreans and Koreans…

Jul 25
Koreatown LA’s Number One Fan: Jonathan Gold

Jonathan Gold was an American food and music critic. He worked as the chief food…

Jul 20
Hanu Korean BBQ Should Be Your Next KBBQ Stop in Koreatown LA

Hanu Korean BBQ is a premium KBBQ restaurant that focuses on a fine choice diner, top…

Jul 18
HanShik Express is Delicious and Quick in Koreatown LA

Let’s be real here. It’s hard to get authentic Korean food on a budget or when you…

Jul 13
A College Student’s Guide to Koreatown

You’re new in Koreatown after getting into a university based in Los Angeles. It’s an…

Jul 11
Top 10 Fusion Foods in Koreatown LA

As Koreatown is diversifying with the mix of different cultures, fusion food…

Jul 06
Visit a PC Bang in Koreatown LA For Your Gaming Needs

Do you like PC gaming? PC Bangs, or Internet Cafes, are catered towards who…

Jul 01
King Chang Restaurant Opens Up New Chain Restaurant in Koreatown LA

King Chang opened on May 12, 2022 with much anticipation. In Koreatown, there are also…

Jun 27
Jin Ju Restaurant Opens Up in Koreatown LA

Jin Ju Restaurant has delicious meat combos, stews, and noodles. Jin Ju opened eight…

Jun 21
New Korean Boba Shop Heuk Hwa Dang Opens in Koreatown LA

Heuk Hwa Dang is a new boba shop in the Madang Courtyard. Opened on April 9, Heuk Hwa…

Jun 14
What are Korean Noodles?

Korean noodles, also known as gookso, is definitely an experience you must try as…

Jun 12
K-Town Night Market Takes Place on June 17-18 in Koreatown LA

In two weeks, K-Town Night Market is going to take place! The event is going to take…

Apr 29
30 Years After the LA Riots in Koreatown LA

It’s been exactly thirty years since the LA Riots took place. What happened on…

Apr 29
L.O.L is High Quality Food Court Sushi in Koreatown LA

L.O.L is a newly opened Japanese restaurant with rolls, bento boxes, poke, and udon.…

Apr 21
The 10 Best Korean Street Food in Koreatown LA

Korean street food is delicious and definitely worth a try like Korean BBQ and bar…

Apr 19
Hookme Rolls is Delicious, Unique, and New to Koreatown LA

Hookme Rolls is a Korean-Japanese restaurant that recently opened with high…

Apr 14
New Salon Hair ARCA Opens in Koreatown LA

Hair ARCA is a brand that researches and develops products to have a healthy and…

Apr 12
Revisiting Jonathan Gold’s “60 Korean Dishes Every Angeleno Should Know” A Decade Later

Ten years ago, beloved Jonathan Gold published his list of “60 Korean Dishes Every…

Apr 07
New Bar Known as Fountain LA Opens in Koreatown LA

The Fountain LA is a new bar that recently opened in Koreatown, Los Angeles. The bar…

Apr 05
Here’s Looking at You Reopens in Koreatown LA Through GoFundMe

At the brink of their last hope, a GoFundMe page started in order to help reopen…

Apr 01
Bagnet Tea House is a New Filipino Restaurant Within Koreatown LA

Bagnet Tea House opened in January 2022 as it is located in the northern part of…

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Andrew Kang

What is Hannam Chain?

Hannam Chain is a Korean grocery with 5 locations throughout Southern California. Their most iconic location was opened in Koreatown LA in 1988 and stands as one of the oldest Korean markets in California.

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Andrew Kang

Top 10 Cafes in Koreatown LA

A comprehensive list of the best cafes & bakeries in Koreatown LA. Ranging from study friendly to grab & go types, find your cafe in Koreatown LA.

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Andrew Kang

City of Los Angeles Cleans Up Koreatown Hoarder’s Home

An 8-foot-tall pile of trash and belongings that was covering the front yard and the windows of a house in Koreatown, LA is finally getting cleaned up. Inside this immense pile were cardboard boxes, aluminum cans, doors, a car, and other garbage covered with cockroaches and rats. 

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