100 Unique Things To Do in Koreatown LA

Koreatown LA is more than just KBBQ. After a drive through Koreatown, you’ll find that there are many things to do: including interesting landmarks, restaurants/bars/nightlife, and some of LA’s best hidden gems. 

Established by Korean immigrants in the early 1900s, Koreatown LA is vibrant community with over 500+ restaurants and 5,000+ businesses across 150+ city blocks.

Due to sheer size of Koreatown LA, (it’s the largest in the world) we have put together this comprehensive guide of 100 uniquely Koreatown things to do so that you can experience the full depth of our vibrant community, beyond the KBBQ and soju.

Let’s kick it off with #1!

1. See Korean Traditional Architecture at Dawooljung

Korean Convenience

Dawooljung, meaning ‘a harmonious gathering place’, is the first Korean traditional monument built in Los Angeles commemorating the centennial anniversary of Korean immigration to the United States in 2006. It reflects a traditional building style of Korean architecture. Enjoy strolling around the small garden with cute flowers. Take some time to look at the meticulous details of the structure. Don’t forget to take a beautiful photo with the pavilion.

2. Taste Authentic Korean BBQ at Soowon Galbi KBBQ Restaurant

Facebook: Soowon Galbi

Soowon Galbi offers the best Galbi dishes- they are tender and very delicious! Just imagine the deep and sweet taste of marinated galbi grilled over a charcoaled fire. Don’t forget to order a bowl of savory Naengmyun(cold noodle) for a finale.

3. Try Korean Goat Broth at Big Bear Farm

Big Bear Farm

Mrs. Park of Big Bear Farm has been making Korean health broths for over 20 years on Olympic Boulevard in Koreatown, Los Angeles. Known best for her customizable Korean Health broths, Mrs. Park still runs the shop day to day ensuring her customers are healthy. Try goat broth 

4. Eat French Korean Pastries from a Korean Cafe Paris Baguette


Paris Baguette is a ‘French-inspired’ Korean bakery and cafe. It is one of the most famous bakeries in South Korea having a wide variety of pastries and cakes. Try their sweet potato mousse cake or blueberry yogurt cake. If you like strawberries, try strawberry pastries. Enjoy Peanut crumb bread or walnut cream cheese bun with your favorite coffee. Their bread products are flavorful, yet not so heavy.

5. Play PC Games with your friends in a LAN Party at 88 PC Cafe

Facebook: 88 PC Cafe

As long as you’re in Koreatown, you would never want to miss out on a PC-gaming experience in a PC cafe. Here at 88 PC Cafe you could enjoy it with your friends with a fast speed internet and computers with good performance. 88 PC Cafe has variety of games including Apex, Anthem, LOL, PUBG, Fortnite, Overwatch, CS GO, DOTA2, L4D, etc. Headphones are allocated for each and every computer. 

6. Hit golf balls at Aroma Golf Range

Aroma Spa & Sports

If you are a golf fan, come practice for a perfect swing at Los Angeles’s biggest semi-indoor golf range! You can either get a computer-aided lesson or a supervision from a pro instructor, or just relax and go at your own pace. Bring your own golf club though, since they do not rent golf clubs at this time. 

7. Try Korean Fried Chicken at Gol Tong Chicken

Facebook: Gol Tong Chicken

‘Gol Tong’ is a playful way to call a stubborn or a dumb person in Korean. Gol Tong Chicken is a no-frills Korean chicken place owned by ‘Director Gol Tong’, or Kil Chae Jeong, a former movie director. His fried chicken dish is topped with seemingly random ingredients like pineapple, avocado, peach and berries but together combined, they harmoniously create one flavorful masterpiece. There are so many Korean fried chicken places and franchises now in LA but Gol Tong is a must-try, as it was even featured in Eater LA.

8. Eat Korean Blood Sausage at Seoul Soondae House Two

Facebook: Koreatown Plaza

Ever tried soondae? Although it uses pork blood as a main ingredient, it does not taste anything like animal blood. You’ll soon fall in love with this marvelous combination of pig intestine filled with pork blood and slightly spiced cellophane noodles. If you wish to go au naturel, a plate of classic Soondae is recommended. Soondae-guk(soup) and stir-fried Soondae are also greatly appetizing variations.

9. Mix Dol-sot (Hot Stone Pot) Bibimbap at Chunju Han-il Kwan

Kenny Dang

Dol-sot Bibimbap is slightly different from normal Bibimbap in the way it is served. Instead of placing fresh vegetables with rice, you mix steamed vegetables with rice. Take a mouthful of savory dish with a sizzle- for one wholesome meal of the day,  it is as good as it gets.

10. Try an Acupuncture Therapy at Kyung Hee Acupuncture & Herbs

Kyung Hee Acupuncture & Herbs

Korean traditional medicine, also known as Han Bang, is a widely acknowledged method as opposed to Western medicine. Some doctors would even recommend mixing both methods together to get an ideal remedy for pains and sicknesses. At Kyung Hee Acupuncture and Herbs, you will be able to experience an immediate relief of migraine or chronic pains with Korean medicine and acupuncture. Try herbal medicine to enhance your physical health, too.

11. Escape Maze Rooms with Your Friends at Maze Rooms Escape Game

Maze Rooms Los Angeles

Maze room is probably one of the best ways to spend some memorable moments in Koreatown with friends and family. It may be a good place to impress your date through solving puzzles, too. Try Magic Kingdom or The Abyss for a moderate-to-advanced level room escape. You can also try coming around the holidays to get sweet discounts. We suggest you book in advance.

12. Taste Cold Buckwheat Noodles at Yu Chun

Eater LA

Yu Chun’s buckwheat noodles have a refreshing tangy flavor with icy cold broth. Try Jonathan Gold’s favorite, Chic Naengmyun(arrowroot cold noodle). Whereas Naengmyun is traditionally a summertime dish in South Korea, it can be eaten at any time whenever you are craving for something that cools you down.

13. Try Boiled Pork Belly at Kobawoo House


Kobawoo House offers a very delicious and flavorful dish of pork belly. Meat is nicely sliced and soft, not being too chewy. They give you lots of banchans and will offer as much as you want if you ask for more. Kobawoo also has different kinds of sauces and spices to dip the meat in, including fermented shrimps and Ssamjang.

14.Enjoy Three Rounds of All You Can Eat Korean Barbeque at Wi Korean BBQ


Wi Korean BBQ is an authentic LA-style Korean barbeque house. It is not one of the most sophisticated KBBQ places like some, but it never cuts corners in their meat quality or banchans which gives truly a high value for money. Their beef brisket is savory and pork is juicy with not too much fat. In addition, they have great customer service, catering to different needs of every customer. 

15. Watch Korean Movies with English Subtitles at CGV


You might be able to find some decent Korean movies on Amazon Prime Videos, but probably not the trending ones which are also in theaters in Korea at the same time. Here at CGV you could enjoy these latest movies in a full cinema screen and theater setting. All Korean movies provide English subtitles so there is no need to worry about language.

16. Explore Korean Book Covers at Aladdin Bookstore

Facebook: Aladdin Used Books

Ever wondered what Korean letters or publications look like? Aladdin Bookstore is a great place to look around and even purchase a  new/used book of your preference. To all the book lovers and collectors out there, their book may be a perfect souvenir to take home.

17. Get Merchandise of Your Favorite K-POP idol at K-POP Music Town

Visit this big K-Pop store located in Madang Plaza. You’ll find a wide variety of albums of BTS, Red Velvet, Black Pink, Astro, IZ*ONE, Seventeen, etc. Not only do they sell albums, but they also sell various merches including posters, official light sticks, and masks. They also sell some exclusive seasonal items you might want to check out. You could also pre-order the upcoming albums of your favorite group.

18. Dance the Night Away at Arena Koreatown


Arena Koreatown is a nightclub located in the heart of Koreatown. No need to go as far as Vegas, just enjoy a fun night-out with friends here at a local spot. Music is really loud, so just make sure to get ready to party the night away. Their DJ-handpicked music list usually includes some generic hip hop and pop songs. GET RATCHET here at Arena Koreatown!

19. Try Breakfast Kimbap at Kimbap House

You may be quite familiar with breakfast burritos, but what would a breakfast Kimbap look like? Kimbap is a Korean dish that looks similar to roll or sushi, but made in Korean style with seaweed and rice as a base with different ingredients like carrots, cucumber, radish, egg, spinach, etc. Kimbap House puts great attention to detail when it comes to good ingredients. Try their Bulgogi Kimbap to start a day off, which has a clean flavor that makes an ideal, healthy breakfast. Note that they accept cash only for one roll of Kimbap. 

20. Strike Up Some Fun at Shatto 39 Lanes

Spend some quality time with friends and family at this bowling alley in Koreatown. They’ve recently reopened in June 2021. Hit some strike and have a full experience by visiting the arcade or billiards area, too. Unlike many businesses, they have a dedicated free parking spot.

21. Party the Night Away at a Speakeasy Lounge: Break Room 86


Break Room 86 is an 80’s retro-themed bar with karaoke. There’s a super fun surprise speakeasy door, which is truly a hidden gem of this spot. Come with your besties to have some enjoyable moments with vodka drinks and cocktails.

22. Relax and Soothe Your Body at Wi Spa


Wi Spa is a Korean-style spa. The place itself is definitely a category of its own- you’ll love the experience of just relaxing in a hot room, enjoying Korean treats, going into hot/cold tubs and even getting your body scrubbed. You could enjoy it with friends, but going alone is even better for unwinding yourself.

23. Dye or Get a Perm for Your Hair at Etude W Salon


Etude W Salon is a hair salon located in California Marketplace with lots of skillful hair designers. You could book appointments for various services through their website, from bang trim to kids’ cut, digital perm and blow-dry styling. To check out the portfolio and see the style of each technician, visit their own Instagram profiles in advance.

24. Relieve All Your Stress by Singing at Pharaoh Karaoke


Pharaoh Karaoke is a decent karaoke with great service, clean facilities and good amenities. Relieve your stress while singing as much as you want and make unforgettable memories with friends. Package that comes with soju and food is also a good deal. Remember to make reservations, especially for group visits or on the weekends since they have limited capacity.

25. Treat Yourself to Gel Mani and Pedi at Hana Nail


Hana nail is renowned for amazing skills and satisfactory results, along with favorable staff. Spend a day just sitting down and treating yourself to gel mani and pedi for good self-care. As the technicians consider customer’s satisfaction a priority, they’ll keep checking in with you to make sure everything is okay. At the end of the day, you’ll love your beautiful nails!

26. Visit LA's Historic Monument, The Wiltern


The Wiltern opened in 1931 as a mesmerizing example of Art Deco architecture. The theater is actively putting up concerts and shows, taking careful measures of only those who got negative in COVID-19 test result and can prove they are fully vaccinated could participate in the events. Get some snacks and drink at the bar if you feel like it, too! Overall you could enjoy the ambience and appreciate the wonderful historic style of the structure.

27. Get in Shape with Pilates Lessons at Pilates by Yolisa


It’s time to shed pandemic weight gain! Pursue a healthier lifestyle with Pilates by Yolisa. Yolisa takes very good care of each person, giving everyone the exact exercise they need to strengthen and balance their body. 

28. Get Competitive by Sparring at Taejo Kickboxing


Taejo Kickboxing is pretty well known to locals for sparring and taking boxing lessons. Worry not if you are a beginner, friendly and respectful instructors will go over the basics with you. It is a great place to bring your kids, since they are excellent with youth too. 

29. Throw Axes at Mo’s House of Axe

Mo's House of Axe

Get some fun for the night through ax-throwing with friends or family. There is also a kick-ass bar where you could enjoy drinks and bar food while throwing the axes. A friendly coach will be assigned to walk you through the entire time.

30. Take Tae Kwon Do Lessons at Elite Taekwondo Center

Facebook: Elite Taekwondo Center

Check this studio out to learn poomsae, or enjoy learning Taekwondo as a martial arts itself! It is also a great opportunity to have a spirit of self control, respect and courtesy. The masters and instructors are really dedicated to make sure each student gets their best Taekwondo experience.

31. Shoot the Ball Down the Rail at Young Dong Billiards

Practice and become a pro here at Young Dong Billiards. Being a favorite local pool hall to many, this place is famous for its cleanliness and the tables being in a good condition. Enjoy shooting a ball at a reasonable price which is around $15/hour. 

32. Take a Food Tour of Koreatown with Taste of Korea

Taste of Korea

Taste of Korea is now offering an online tour. For only $35, enjoy a virtual tour with 4 types of Korean instant noodles and desserts! You could taste the traditional ones(Ramyeon) with a twist as well as fusion noodles. Find more about these dishes by listening to interesting stories that even native Koreans may not know about! All you need is hot water. 

33. Indulge in Korean Bar Food & Drinks Pocha at Seoul Salon

Seoul Salon

Seoul Salon Restaurant and Bar is a nice place with fancy dishes. You could have a meal or just typical Korean bar food with drinks. They have some decent fusion dishes like Gochujang Pork Belly Pasta or Rosé Tteokbokgi. The retro-style ambiance is great as its decorative features well portray Korea in its early 20C. 

34. Test your Finesse at Larchmont Ballet

Facebook: Larchmont Ballet

Taking lessons at Larchmont Ballet is allegedly rigorous and fun! The instructors who give detailed instructions are simply nothing shorter from amazing. Become a dancer, improve your techniques and stay in shape as you experience the fat being replaced with muscles. 

35. Pose for a Goofy Portrait at 1 Hour Photo at Tom’s 1 Hour Photo


If you want to keep your memory of visiting Koreatown LA, Tom’s 1 Hour Photo will offer you a good deal on 90’s style studio sessions. Get some cheesy photo on a date or with your friends! It’ll be hard to stop giggling the whole time.

36. Hit a Home Run and Get a Free Hat at Strikezon


Try this indoor baseball batting cage with Chimaek (Fried Chicken and Beer) to hang out with your friends. If you love watching Dodgers games this is a perfect place to try it yourself without being under pressure. In an international mode, you could get a free hat and get on the wall of fame if you hit a home run.

37. Enjoy Korean Traditional Tea and Dessert at Ye Stage and Tea


Located on the topmost floor of California Marketplace, this cafe features traditional Korean teas as well as unique Korean snacks from decadent walnut cookies to honey drizzled crispy rice waffles. Spend an afternoon relaxing with a warm cup of herbal tea, surrounded by a beautiful interior highlighting Korean art and culture.

38. Take Aerial Fitness and Pole Dance Classes at D&A Flying Yoga


Burning calories doesn’t always have to be so grueling and boresome. Get that feeling of rejuvenation you get while flying around the room on an aerial yoga swing! You’ll soon begin enjoying your work out sessions and get your body toned in no time. 

39. Take Art Classes at Ann Bridges Art Studio


Ann Bridges Art Studio is an awesome art studio located in Wilshire Center. You could take many different kinds of classes in sessions, including watercolor, drawing or young artists class. You would thoroughly enjoy the experience by getting detailed instructions and lots of hands-on experiences. 

40. Try Korean Style Pizza at Koreatown Pizza Company


Koreatown Pizza Company offers a wide selection of pizza dishes, including the basics like cheese or pepperoni to Korean-style ones like KBBQ Kalzone, Bulgogi or Hawaiian (Yes, this one has pineapple in pizza). Surf and Turf or The Kingsley are also popular choices. You could also order Korean side dishes like Kimchi Fried Rice to complete a delicious meal. 

41. Try Cafe Drinks with Tasty Fusion Delicacies in an Aesthetic Ambience at One More Kitchen


One More Kitchen is one of the most interesting places on 3rd street. They look very modern from outside. Inside it is gorgeous with all the lights and cute decorations. You can enjoy a casual dining experience accompanying cafe drinks, which reminds of an urbane cafe concept in Korea. Dishes include Italian-Asian fusion like Mala Pasta or Kimchi Burger. For a refreshing drink, Matcha Latte is highly recommended. They have their own private parking lot, which is a relief for those always struggling to find a parking spot!

42. Try Beef Intestine at Ahgassi Gopchang


Once you try Gopchang(beef intestine) you’re gonna love it because it is so good. Ahgassi Gopchang, an affiliate brand of Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong in the same hospitality group, offers high quality Gopchang and KBBQ with good customer service. Try Gopchang with Soju, a combination that could never go wrong. 

43. Enjoy Coffee with an Art Museum Vibe at Document Coffee


Document coffee has a great artsy vibe with its art museum-like atmosphere. Their coffee is pretty good too. Try Document Cafe Horchata with food, if you have a sweet tooth. They also make some flavorful basics such as Document cold brew. If you want to try something new you could also try tea+lemonade drinks or Korean tea. 

44. Try on and Rent Hanbok(Korean Traditional Dress) at Meehee Hanbok


Hanbok is a traditional Korean dress. These days people wear them for events like a wedding or a birthday party. Meehee Hanbok offers specially curated bridal gowns. They have a uniquely beautiful collection of Hanbok, not being a cookie-cutter at all! Rent Hanbok for a special themed wedding- you’ll never regret. 

45. Get a Beautiful Arrangement of Flowers at Western Flowers

Western Flowers

Get flowers for someone you love, even if it is not for a special occasion! Ladies at Western Flowers will create a beautiful bouquet just for you that goes beyond your expectations. They work with your budget so don’t worry about the price too much.

46. Enjoy Bingsoo(Korean Shaved Ice) at Oakobing


The picture doesn’t do it justice for Bingsoo(Korean Shaved Ice) at Oakobing. Try the melon/ mango ice shaves with a piece of Injeolmi croissant. With an awesome presentation and a great flavor, You’ll absolutely love the ultimate experience.

47. Get Bamboo Salt and Other Natural Remedy Products at The Bamboo Salt

Gum Kang

Bamboo Salt is well known for treating a sore throat and body detoxification. Getting a natural remedy would help your body restore faster and in a healthier way than relying on synthetic drugs. Here at The Bamboo Salt you could explore a wide collection of natural remedy products from bamboo salt to radish extract, garlic tablets and red ginseng. 

48. Get the Best Kimchi from Kae Sung Kimchi Market

Joy Y

Kae Sung Kimchi Market is easily one of the best Kimchi stores in Koreatown LA. They are so famous for making great Kimchi products without using artificial flavors. If you’re ever hankering for decent kimchi, don’t hesitate to give it a shot. 

49. Enjoy Taiyaki Soft Serve at Somi Somi


Featured in a Buzzfeed video where a former K-pop star Tiffany Young searches for the best ice cream in LA, this popular dessert shop serves an adorable fish-shaped waffle cone filled with your choice of milk, matcha, ube, or black sesame soft serve ice cream. You can also add fillings such as red bean, Nutella, or custard, as well as toppings like oreos, strawberries, macarons and more. Check out Somi Somi on the 3rd floor of Madang mall. The entrance to the parking lot is located in the back on S Manhattan, and is free with validation.

50. Play Ping Pong at Hyundae Pingpong Club

Facebook: Hyundae Ping Pong Club

If you want to get some light exercise for only $7, go visit Hyundae Ping Pong Club. You can also use the ping pong machine if you’re practicing by yourself. The tables are quite nice and there is a net in the back for stray balls. After sweating out for a bit, you could wash and refresh yourself at a spa that’s located in the same building. (Whereas the table tennis club is a co-ed area, the spa is for male only.) There are a plenty of parking spots behind the building, which is great!

51. Kick Back with Classic Vibes at The Prince

Spend some quality time with your friends at this historical bar with a art deco era vibe! They have a good selection of drinks which you could choose from with some late night food. Waiters are straightforward and will give you good, uninterrupted service.

52. Get a Korean Hair Cut from Hair Day

Get your hair cut, permed or dyed here at Hair Day. All technicians are very skilled, detail-oriented and patient as they are fully qualified from simple trim to a perfect style that fits the customer’s face shape!

53. Taste Delicious Korean Corn Dogs at Two Hands Seoul Fresh Corn Dogs

With Myeongrang getting a head start, Korean hotdogs have become quite the trend over the past few years, and they still satisfy the global tastes. Try the no-frill OG hot dog, or potato hot dogs with crispy small chunks of potatoes. Check out the perfect cheese pull, isn’t it lovely?

54. Try Soothing, Cloudy Broth Stew at Han Bat Sul Lung Tang


Han Bat Sul Lung Tang is a place to get authentic Korean comfort food. For those who want a hot bowl of ox tail soup as a good healthy meal, this place is definitely worth checking out.

55. Experience a Korean style Coffee House & Restaurant at One More Kitchen & Cafe

If you’re looking for a Korean restaurant and cafe vibe with multiple levels, an outdoor patio area, and a fully stocked cocktail bar as well, look no further. Be sure to checkout One More Kitchen & Cafe and their amazing space on 3rd Street.

56. Try modern Korean Japanese at Tokyo Hamburg

If you love Japanese cuisine or Katsu, you should try Tokyo Hamburg. From meat-lovers menu, Katsu, Udon, Izakaya to vegan menu, this place definitely hits the spot for all those who are craving for modern Korean Japanese. Don’t miss the hamburg steak that comes out on a sizzling hot stone.  They also offer happy hour all day with only $1 oyster and $4-5 alcohol drinks.

57. Get acupuncture at Healing Hand Acupuncture

If you’re feeling stiff and/or have chronic pain that hasn’t been resolved by Western medicine, definitely try one of the most popular treatments in Eastern medicine. 

58. Stock Up on the best Korean groceries at Hmart in Madang

Skip the restaurants and get delicious groceries and foods from a very famous Korean grocery store, H Mart. Here at Hmart, you could get Korean snacks, drinks and frozen food that are rare in any other stores. Get a box of soju and beer with some Korean chips, now you’re good to go for a 2nd round after dinner with your friends!

59. Teleport Back to the 80's at Koreatown Plaza

Gruen Associates

Koreatown Plaza is an old fashioned Korean shopping mall with lots of stores, food court, and a bakery. As it maintains its structure and the vibe from the early 2000’s. Koreatown Plaza place has a history of its own that would make some reminiscent of past memories and just be enjoyable to some.

Todd M.

If you’re looking for an authentic Koreatown mall experience, look no further Koreatown Plaza is an art deco mall with 3 sprawling floors and a down to earth but tasty Food Court. Inside Koreatown Plaza, there is a classic-style food court called ‘Food Gallery’. Grab lunch and spend some time chit chatting with friends as if you’re back in school! There are multiple kinds of cuisines you could choose from, including Katsu, noodles, Kimbap, comfort foods, and shaved ice.

Yun Kum Jae Kumdo has been in Koreatown for more than 10 years! With great instructors and masters,  learn how to wield the sword. 

62. Take Kickboxing Lessons with A Local Legend at Taejo Kickboxing

Looking to get in shape but tired of running in place and doing repetitive workouts at a traditional gym? Get your kickboxing game on with a local legend at Taejo Kickboxing right on 6th Street.

63. Kick back with drinks and good music at Paper Tiger Bar

Looking for a chill night with great drinks and good music? Look no further, Paper Tiger Bar is a low key lounge, bar, and club with a diverse crowd.

64. Experience the Newest Restaurant and Nightlife in Koreatown from Korean Celebrities: Intercrew

Frank Lee

Check out this place if you’re looking for an upscale bar with ‘Cheers’ vibe. Enjoy a moody night out with your favorite people.

65. Get Inked Up (not after a night of soju of course) at Queen’s Head Tattoo

Dave, one of the best traditional tattoo artists in Los Angeles works here at The Queen’s Head Tattoo. Get your new beautiful tattoo here.

66. Enjoy one of the most famous Mexican mole restaurants in California: Guelaguetza

Guelaguetza epitomizes Koreatown while focusing on Mexican cuisine and specifically mole. An iconic purveyor of mole, Guelaguetza is in an historical restaurant building with Korean roofing which resembles the relationship between the Latinx American and Korean American in Koreatown.

67. Taste Juicy Fire Roasted Chicken from Pollo ala Brasa

Got enough Korean Fried Chicken in your system this month? Try the very famous and iconic Pollo Ala Brasa on Western for delicious fire roasted rotisserie chicken of all types!

68. Try 8 different styles of Pork Belly at 8 Korean BBQ

Want to try a unique twist on delicious Korean BBQ Pork Belly? Try Eight Korean BBQ on Western to get a taste of 8 different flavors of Pork Belly.

69. Dance the Night Away at Apt 503

Apt 503 is a diverse and happening night club in the heart of Koreatown right on Wilshire. Located in a high rise office building with an interior designed like a massive loft apartment, Apt 503 is definitely a place you want to check out if you’re a fan of nightclubs!

70. Get Your Caffeine Buzz on at Coffee Signal

Ready for a new twist on coffee? Try Coffee Signal for a great pastry and cup of coffee just the way you like it!

71. Taste Fresh Mediterranean cuisine in a Korean mall at TehranRo Grill

TehranRo is a brand new Mediterranean restaurant in the heart of Koreatown on 6th Street City Center Mall. Taste the freshest Mediterranean in town at TehranRo!

72. Enjoy No Frills & Taste Korean Chinese at YoungBinRu

Korean Chinese cuisine is a signature staple of the Korean diet. Quite different form American Chinese, Korean Chinese involves Black Bean Noodles and Spicy Seafood Soup. Chinese Korean is such a huge industry in Korea that there are even special bowls designed for “ban-ban” half Black Bean Noodles & Half Spicy Seafood Soup. Definitely check it out!

73. Pair Your Favorite Hookah Flavors with Your Favorite Boba at Boba Bear

Wanna kick back with some tasty boba and hookah? Look no further than Boba Bear in Koreatown LA right on Western Ave!

74. Enjoy Organic Milk Ice Cream at Bumsan Organic Milk Bar

Looking for some tasty dessert to finish off your night of Korean BBQ and Soju? Definitely make a pit stop at Bumsan Organic Milk Bar and find out for yourself why there’s always a line! It does move quickly.

75. Get Your Boba Game On at I <3 Boba

If you’re looking for a down to earth boba spot that never misses the mark, check out I Love Boba and one of their 3 locations in Koreatown!

76. Kick Back with Prohibition Era Cocktails and Vibes at The Normandie Club

Looking for a hip place with prohibition era vibes? Check out the Normandie Club on 6th street late night to mingle amongst some of the coolest people in Koreatown.

77. Celebrate in Style Over Dinner & Drinks at The Venue

Looking for a place to celebrate and dine in style? Be sure to checkout The Venue a sprawling restaurant and lounge that touts some of the largest dining spaces in Koreatown LA.

78. Enjoy The American Diver Bar Experience at Frank 'n Hank

Looking for a dive bar vibe that keeps the pretentiousness out? Be sure to drop into Frank ‘n Hank for an All American dive bar experience right in the heart of Koreatown LA.

79. Enjoy Classic Korean Dishes in a Boat on Land at Cafe Jack

Ready for something unusual? Rated as one of the strangest but yet interesting spots in Koreatown, Cafe Jack is a restaurant shaped like a full size boat right in the heart of Koreatown on Western Avenue. If you’re looking for a strange yet intriguing twist on Koreatown cuisine, definitely check it out!

80. Enjoy Sports With Your Crew in a Lively and Modern Sports Bar Atmospher at LAces

Love sports bars? Look no further that LAces, the newest sports bar in Koreatown right on Western Ave.

81. Get Your Shoes Repaired by a Legendary Cobbler: Willie's Shoe Service

Need to get your shoes repaired? Stop by and pay Willie a visit at Willie’s Shoe Service on Western Ave.

82. Get a Bespoke Suit or Dress at Pro Tailor

Ever wonder what a fully custom suit or dress feels like? Let the professionals at Pro Tailor hook you up with a look that will make you look like a million bucks!

83. Find the Perfect Jewelry at Wilshire Jewelers

If you’re looking for that new watch, diamond piece, or even need a repair, stop by Wilshire Jewelers for a down to earth jewelry shopping environment.

84. Service Your Watch at Yoon's Watch Repair

Need to replace your watch battery? Looking to make some customizations to your watch? Look no further! Yoon’s Watch Repair has got you covered!

85. Get Your Keys Copied at Beverly Locksmith

Beverly Locksmith is the best locksmith in Koreatown. Not only does Jin get the job done, he does it with a smile everytime!

Have some car troubles? Worried about being taken for “a ride” by a schemey mechanic? Don’t worry, Mr. Han at Han’s Beverly Auto will give you transparent service without the dealership price.

Looking to add some privacy to your car and block out the Cali sun? Want a better sound system so that you can drive around with crisp audio to fit your mood? Stop in 6 Autosound for great work at a great price.

88. Enjoy Thai in a Club Like Atmospher at Thai Angel

Sometimes not only am I craving Thai, but I am also craving a drink. The perfect solution for this craving is Thai Angel!

Are you crazy for Pho? Koreatown’s got your covered with over a dozen pho spots, but KTown Pho takes our top pick.

90. Enjoy Classic American Cuisine with a California Twist and Focus on Mimosas over Brunch at Openaire

Located at the LINE Hotel, Openaire is a beautiful American fare restaurant known for brunch and mimosas. Definitely check out this awesome place with your crew on the weekend.

91. See the “Ugliest Commercial Building” in LA, KFC on Western

Chow down on a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken at the “Ugliest Commercial Building” in all of LA, KFC on Western! Is it a bucket of chicken, or a chicken, or BOTH?!

92. Checkout the Unofficial Skateboarding Mecca in LA and watch people shred at the Radio Korea Building

If you’re into skateboarding and want to see some of LA’s best street skaters, look no further. Radio Korea has become the unofficial street skating Mecca in LA. Thanks to the lax security and the low edges and masonry, skateboarders around the world have been coming here to shred for years.

93. Get your Run on with the Community Based Running Club, Koreatown Run Club

Koreatown Run Club is one of the nation’s top community focused run clubs. Founded by Koreatown icon Mike Pak, KRC is a great way to work on your health and meet cool people at the same time.

94. Enjoy Spicy Rice Cakes at Yupdduk LA

Love rice cakes? Love spicy foods? Yup Dduk LA has got you covered! Try Korea’s most famous Tteokkbokki chain also here in Koreatown LA!

95. Get your Street Fashion On at CNVS

Looking for some new clothes? Love street style? CNVS is a street style clothing focused on providing you the latest looks and styles from around the world.

96. Better Your Home with Every Day Korean Home Goods at Kim’s Home Center

If you need some everyday home goods of high quality from Korea check out Kim’s Home Center, they’ve got the latest and traditional Korean home products to better your everyday life at home!

If Kim’s Home Center is a bit too straight forward, stop by the iconic home decor store 6ixthSense in the heart of Koreatown on 6th street.

98. Relax in Charcoal Sauna at Crystal Spa

Korean Spas are world famous and known for their opulence and ability to soothe the soul. If you’re looking for a spa that is truly unique in Koreatown check out Crystal Spa and their Charcoal Sauna.

Known as the only authentic Korean duck purveyor in LA, Dha Rae Ok is a local institution that draws an older and more traditionally Korean crowd. Last we heard you have to order 1 day in advance since everything is made to order and cooking the duck takes a full day.

100. Find Your Own Adventure in Koreatown

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Although we could list every single thing worth checking out in Koreatown LA, sometimes the best things in life are unexpected and stumbled upon.

Checkout every corner of Koreatown and you’ll be sure to find a hidden gem on most of the 150+ city blocks that make up the most exciting neighborhood in Los Angeles.

We hope that this guide helps show the world the true depth of Koreatown LA and enables those unfamiliar with our neighborhood an easier way to discover excitement, experiences, and happiness in Koreatown LA.


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