20 Mouth Watering Feasts for $20 in Koreatown LA

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Koreatown LA has the highest density of restaurants and eateries in all of California. If you don’t know where to go you might have to break the bank for a satisfying and hearty meal. This list is dedicated to anyone who wants to enjoy affordable feasts around $20 per person in Koreatown LA.

These places can get super busy during peak hours since they offer great bang for your buck. Expect a decent wait during busy times and go during off peak hours for a convenient and affordable meal!

1. Galleria Tonkatsu (Katsu)

cheap eats koreatown la galleria tonkatsu

Galleria Tonkatsu, located in Koreatown Galleria Food Gallery, makes the best old fashioned tonkatsu(pork cutlet) dishes that will fill you up and satisfy your stomach! Not only do they offer quality cutlets but they also provide different side dishes, including sauces, kimchi, rice, soup and salad! You can literally enjoy up to 13 different flavors in one dish, if you order the combination cutlet. 

2. Slurpin Ramen Bar (Japanse/Ramen)

Ready for some ramen? Slurpin’ Ramen Bar is one of the most wallet-friendly ramen places in Koreatown LA. If you order at Slurpin’ Ramen, it comes with two different size choices, small or regular, so you won’t have to worry about getting the right size for you. Add $3 to a Slurpin’ or Veggie ramen and you’ll be able to enjoy a full lunch set that comes with an appetizer, ramen, and house salad.

3. Boo’s Philly Cheesesteak (Sandwich/Cheesesteak)


Want something cheesy? Boo’s Philly Cheesesteak is a great place to find your gooey goodness. Order one of their most popular menu items like Boo’s Mushroom Cheesesteak with steak, onions, mushrooms and your choice of cheese. Wait. Don’t wait too long, make sure to get get to Boo’s Philly Cheesesteak before the rush!

4. Moon BBQ #2 (Korean BBQ)


KBBQ dining experiences are always memorable and exciting, but sometimes they come at a significant cost. At Moon BBQ #2 you could enjoy All You Can Eat Korean Barbeque for only $19.99 per person at lunch time. Eat KBBQ on a budget and enjoy the festive ambiance of Korean BBQ at Moon BBQ #2 without breaking the bank.

5. Hong Kong Ban Jum (Korean Chinese)

Can you believe that in this day and age you can snag a meal for 2 under $20? At Hong Kong Ban Jum you can get a bowl of Jjajangmyeon and Jjamppong for a reasonable price, enough food for 2 hungry stomachs. If you want something crispy and gluttonous, try Tangsuyuk today!

6. Iki Ramen (Japanese/Ramen)

Iki Ramen

Do you love ramen and Japanese favorites like gyoza and karage? Well lucky for you, we’ve found a great ramen place just for you where you could enjoy all kinds of Japanese favorites at a low cost. From Tonkotsu to Impossible Vegan Ramen, they’ve got everything you need!

7. Han Bat Sul Lung Tang (Soup/Korean)

Han Bat Sul Lung Tang is an OG place where many Koreans to enjoy their comfort food. A bowl of hot Sul Lung Tang when you are feeling low could be a perfect meal to lift your spirits. Enjoy the nutritious dish with a creamy broth that unravels an explosion of flavor as you enjoy!

8. Seoul Pho (Vietnamese)

Seoul Pho is a favorite Vietnamese restaurant to many. Their broth is good and portions are large, making Seoul Pho’s food filling and satisfying. If you ever visit California Marketplace, you should try Seoul Pho! 

9. Sinjeon LA (Tteokbokki)

Spice up your party with some Tteokbokki! Here at Sinjeon LA you could get a large portion of delicious Tteokbokki AND spicy cheese kimbap for only $20. If you’re into spicy food and traditional Korean, Sinjeon LA might just be the place for you.

10. Monty’s Good Burger

If you’re looking for a solid burger place in Koreatown LA, Monty’s Good Burger is the perfect place. Monty’s Good Burger even offers 100% plant-based burgers! Try their absolutely amazing plant-based burgers, tots, fries, chicken and shakes.

11. MDK Noodles (Noodles)

MDK Noodles is an original Korean noodle restaurant in Koreatown LA. Kalguksu, which is kind of like a Korean Chicken Noodle Soup, is a Korean dish that consists of hand-made, knife-cut wheat flour noodles. You can also enjoy some other amazing noodle entrees like mixed spicy noodles (Bibim-guksu), cold arrowroot noodle soup (Chic-naengmyeon) or pork and shrimp dumplings. 

12. Tokyo Hamburg (Japanese/Korean)

If you feel like having a steak for lunch but something not too heavy, try Tokyo Hamburg. You can grill your own “hamburg” steak for only $15.99! Alongside with “hamburg” steak, try their katsu dishes and bento for lunch specials. 

13. Sushi Ippo (Sushi/Japanese)

Sushi Ippo is originally famous for all you can eat sushi, but they actually have amazing lunch specials. You could enjoy assorted sushi, meat, tempura and roll bento for less than 20 bucks! If Japan is too expensive and far away to travel to… why not give Sushi Ippo a chance?

14. Brothers Sandwich (Deli/Sandwich)

Brothers Sandwich Shop’s has the best sandwiches in Koreatown LA. Not only do they use fresh ingredients, but they also have the tastiest sandwiches in town. All sandwiches can be made into a salad, so keep that in mind if you’re on a diet and cutting carbs.

15. CHD (Mandu)


If you’re a big fan of dumplings and fried rice, you should definitely check out CHD! CHD stands for Chang Hwa Dang. Kimchi Mandu, Galbi Mandu, Tteokbokki, and Kimchi Fried Rice are some of their most popular dishes. Even if you order two kinds of mandu, you won’t spend over $20. Indulge in crisp and savory mandus that will make your day at CHD.

16. Chadolpoong (Beef/Korean)

Chadolpoong is a KBBQ place famous for its beef brisket and intestine combo. Their soup and noodle dishes with beef brisket are very flavorful too. If you are a meat lover, this place will easily become one of your go to restaurants!

17. Seongbukdong (Korean Traditional)


If you want to try Korean food in Koreatown but have no idea where to go, Seongbukdong is where we recommend you pay a visit. From all kinds of soups(jjigae) to grilled fish(gui), Seongbukdong has a variety of traditional Korean food you should try.

18. BCD Tofu House (Sundubu-jjigae, Korean)

You may have already tried, or at least heard of BCD Tofu House. One reason for their popularity is due to their value, location, and consistency. If you order one Soondubu Jjigae at BCD Tofu House, you will enjoy a big meal that comes with an egg, banchans, grilled fish, and hot pot rice.

19. Kobawoo House (Bossam/Pork)

Want to have Bossam for lunch, but are concerned about the price and portion? No worries, Kobawoo House has got you! Kobawoo, one of the top Bossam places in Koreatown LA, has lunch specials that could satisfy a craving for meat and tasty banchans. Kobawoo House’s lunch bossam even includes doenjang jjigae, which is a combo fit for Korean royalty!

20. Gamja Bawi (Korean Traditional)

USA Restaurants

Inside Koreatown Plaza Food Court, there is a very famous no frills eatery called Gamja Bawi. At Gamja Bawi you can choose from numerous a la carte dishes with banchans for less than $15! Enjoy Bibimbap with all kinds of seasoned vegetables, rice, a sunny side-up egg, and gochujang (spicy sauce) for only $10.99! Try Gamjatang with a robust broth for only $12.99. If you are a meat lover, try the set menu item, Bulgogi Baekban, that comes with rice for only $13.99.

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