What is Hong Kong Ban Jum 0410 & Paik’s Noodle?

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Hong Kong Ban Jum 0410, aka Paik’s Noodles, is a go-to place in Koreatown for many who crave Korean Chinese food. It is especially famous for their noodle dishes like Jajangmyeon and Jjamppong. It is also a pretty common restaurant chain in South Korea even mentioned as a pronoun in one of BTS members’ remark at a concert, “I’m gonna have Hong Kong Ban Jum today!”’

What is Hong Kong Ban Jum 0410 (Paik’s Noodles)?


Hong Kong Ban Jum 0410 in Koreatown LA, distinguished by ‘0410’ with another chain using the same name, is praised not only by Koreans but also non-Koreans who would seek to taste the genuine Korean Chinese cuisine.  0410 were the last four digits of the founder Mr. Paik’s old cell number, added just to avoid duplicate names for a different chain located in a nearby area. People love this restaurant, as it is known to be quick to get seated, receive orders and serve food. 

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Hong Kong Ban Jum 0410 is not a typical Chinese restaurant, as it specializes in noodles. Jjajangmyeon, Jjamppong and Tangsuyuk (Korean sweet and sour pork) are the most popular dishes. According to fans, their food is quite decent with just the right amount of spice and good texture, whereas some Korean Chinese restaurants with bad reviews often make their dish too salty or spicy, fail to make it right as noodles not being chewy enough, or the fried meat not being crispy at all. The place is clean and everything comes out hot and fresh. What’s more, most of their menu items are affordable as the prices range around $9 to $15. Visit Hong Kong Ban Jum 0410 when you crave for something gluttonous. Try ordering noodle menus in a large seafood portion or add Gun Mandoo on the side. With a hearty meal you’ll never regret coming and get a fix with an unforgettable dining experience.

Who is Paik Jong Won from Hong Kong Ban Jum 0410 (Paik’s Noodles)?

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Take a look at the sign of Hong Kong Ban Jum carefully and then you’ll realize on the leftmost side, there is a portrait of a man with an indulgent smile, holding a kitchen tool. Thinking he might be a chef who opened the restaurant is a sensible conjecture, and it is true to a certain degree. But with a more nuanced approach here we can find that he is a versatile entrepreneur who is more than just that.


Paik Jong Won, also known as Baek Jong Won, is a South Korean entrepreneur, TV celebrity, chef, and a chairman. He was born on September 4, 1966. His entrepreneurial spirit may be innate, rather than acquired- Paik already had a knack for making money since he was little, as he recalls from his childhood memory that he used to make a considerable amount of profit by selling empty bottles to junk dealers. Paik turned his biggest predicament in a financial crisis into a great success after the opening of Han Shin Po Cha in 1998.


He was featured in TV shows and became a sensation in MBC’s ‘My Little Television’ (2015), a show in a live stream broadcasting format, where Baek would come out as a cooking broadcaster, taking pride in his in-depth knowledge in cooking and showing his entertaining character as well as excellent communication skills with the audience. He gained the largest viewership among all other broadcaster celebrities in the show. The key to his success here lies in that he was disclosing recipes of dishes that ‘anyone can, and wants to make’. When cooking, he would use ingredients easily found in most households. The fact that he is technically not a professional chef also contributed to his success, as audiences were feeling friendliness toward his candid image. Paik Jong Won currently owns a giant franchise restaurant group called The Born Korea, with 20 kinds of franchises, marking the nation’s top. His global brands include Hong Kong Ban Jum 0410, Han Shin Pocha, Saemaeul Restauarant, Bornga, etc. 

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