New Salon Hair ARCA Opens in Koreatown LA

Hair ARCA is a brand that researches and develops products to have a healthy and fulfilling life, and they are maintaining a good lifestyle with natural ingredients. Inspired by Noah’s Ark, ARCA wants to be sustainable to be safe with the environment. They were newly opened on January 8, 2022, with many customers left satisfied with the results. 

What's special about ARCA?

A lot of beauty products are known to have dangerous chemicals harmful to both humans and the environment. Unlike them, ARCAGENOL, shortened to ARCA, is both sustainable and healthy. ARCAGENOL is from the pine stump extract that is derived from New Zealand grown pine trees. More information and research can be seen within their website. ARCA also sells their own products like their Regeneration Head Spa and their Regeneration Shampoo. Also, if you have a membership at ARCA, you can receive a discount from their original price whenever you want to go to the salon. In addition, there is a make-up studio as well if you wanted to get your makeup done. 

Where is Hair ARCA located?

Hair ARCA is located right near Wilshire Blvd and Hobart Blvd. Located on the first floor, it is easy to locate as you can see the huge ARCA logo right on the intersection of Wilshire and Hobart. There is free validation as there is a parking structure located right on Hobart Blvd, and you can park there. 

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What kinds of cuts and treatments are offered at Hair ARCA?

The price is slightly different for members and non-members. The salon offers bang cut, kid’s cut, men’s cut, and women’s cut as well. There is a cut, color, perm, treatment, detox spa, hair loss treatment, classic care, natural keratin treatment, styling, and a makeup session that you can choose from. The membership prices are slightly cheaper than the non-membership prices, and the prices are listed fully on their website. 

What are other things to be mindful of?

Guests must have their COVID-19 safety measures ready with COVID proof of vaccinations and personal ID, and you must try and be on time for the scheduled appointment. Although walk-ins are available there is a limited quantity. Appointments are mostly wanted instead. Although there is no guarantee, the studio might be able to fit an appointment near the end of the day if there is no spot depending on the situation.

If you need to cancel or reschedule the appointment, you must notify 24 hours in advance to the appointment. In case of being late or being a no-show, there is a fee that is charged: cut/styling is $20, and others would be charged at $30.

Hair ARCA should be your next place to visit as it has top quality service with eco-friendly hair products. Along with hair products, ARCA wants to make sure all customers experience the best and finest quality, and it is bit one the pricier end. 


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