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Nov 01
Bicycle Meals – Hope for the Unhoused in Koreatown LA

Bicycle Meals Volunteers Getting Ready for a Ride Photo: LA Times Myung Chun Alex…

Oct 28
14 Spooky Things to Do Halloween Weekend in Koreatown LA

Halloween 2021 is on a Sunday and makes for a celebratory weekend. Find the best spots…

Oct 26
Kurve on Wilshire the New $300 Million Mixed Use Development in Koreatown LA

Kurve is a new mixed commercial and residential development on the edge of Koreatown…

Oct 21
20 Mouth Watering Feasts for $20 in Koreatown LA

A list of 20 amazing restaurants to feast at under $20. Cheap eats open 7 days a week…

Oct 18
Liquor Store Dreams – An Authentic Angeleno Story by So Yun Um

So Yun Um is a Korean American Filmmaker and Digital Content Producer born and based…

Oct 15
12 Things To Do After 12AM in Koreatown LA

The best late night activities and adventures in Koreatown LA. There is so much to do…

Oct 11
UPDATE: Controversial RFK Community School Mural Actively Undergoes Modification

Controversial mural in Koreatown now actively being modified.

Oct 08
What is Jokbal & Top 5 in Koreatown LA

Table of Contents Introduction Jokbal is a Korean dish which consists of pig trotters…

Oct 05
Is Koreatown LA Safe to Visit in 2021?

With a fully vaccinated rate over 54% of the entire population, relaxed mask mandates…

Sep 22
LA Lakers Score 5-Year $100M Jersey Sponsorship from Korean Food Giant Bibigo

On September 20th, 2021, the LA Lakers announced a 5-year global marketing partnership…

Sep 17
Top 5 Best Korean Cosmetics Stores in Koreatown LA

5 Amazing Korean Cosmetics Stores in Koreatown LA for the Latest Cosmetics from Korea!

Sep 14
What is Hong Kong Ban Jum 0410 & Paik’s Noodle?

Hong Kong Ban Jum 0410 & Paik’s Noodles, are go-to places for Korean Chinese in Koreatown.

Sep 10
Historic Mall in Koreatown LA: IB Plaza Under Major Renovation

Major mall and garage undergoing monumental renovation.

Sep 09
Bowling Alley Shatto 39 Lanes in Koreatown LA Now Fully Reopened

Introduction Shatto 39 Lanes is an iconic bowling alley located on Vermont Avenue in…

Sep 08
What is Korean BBQ?

An introduction to Korean BBQ and the ins and outs of Koreatown Los Angeles! Explore…

Sep 07
What is Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong?

Kang Ho Dong is a former wrestler and a renowned comedian and television show host of…

Sep 06
The 5 Best Korean Tofu Soup Restaurants in Koreatown LA

Table of Contents Introduction Korean Tofu Soup usually indicates Sundubu-jjigae, a…

Sep 03
Iconic Koreatown Galbi Jim Restaurant Gives Abandoned Sizzler New Lease on Life

Sun Nong Dan’s new location on Western Ave in a Former Sizzler Restaurant Table…

Sep 01
New Restaurant: YoungBinRu – Korean Chinese Jjajangmyeon & Jjamppong

Tasty and fresh Chinese Korean JJajangmyeon with no frills.

Aug 31
Korean American Artist mmmikkalous Creates Iconic Koreatown Times Map

Interview Feature with Koreatown Times Artist, Mikki Paek

Aug 30
What is Banchan (Korean Side Dishes)?

Table of Contents Introduction to Korean Banchan The Korean Banchan or Bapsang is the…

Aug 24
What is Korean Street Food or Pojangmacha?

Table of Contents Introduction to Korean Street Food Street food in Korea has been…

Aug 21
What is Kimchi?

An introduction to Korea's most famous side dish, Kimchi.

Aug 18
Sideshow Takeover Shutsdown Famous Intersection in Koreatown LA

Table of Contents The Usual Suspects in Koreatown On July 18th, 2021,…

Aug 16
What is Korean Food?

An introduction and overview of Korean food.

Aug 13
Forever 21 Pulls “Koreatown” T-Shirt After Koreatown Run Club Founder tells Followers to “SPAM THESE F**KS”

Photo: @diet_prada Table of Contents The Backstory Koreatown has become a hot cultural…

Aug 10
Stabbing in Koreatown on South Virgil Avenue Over Stolen Vehicle

A stabbing occurred August 10th, 2021 in the early morning hours that over a stolen…

Aug 09
UPDATE: LAPD Considers Wi Spa Incident Video Transphobic Hoax

LAPD update regarding the Wi Spa incident that spiraled into a public demonstration…

Aug 07
Ktown Block Party: August 14th 1PM – 5PM on 6th Street (WCKNC Public Event)

Wilshire Center Koreatown Neighborhood Council's 1st Annual Block Party

Aug 04
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Andrew Kang

What is Hannam Chain?

Hannam Chain is a Korean grocery with 5 locations throughout Southern California. Their most iconic location was opened in Koreatown LA in 1988 and stands as one of the oldest Korean markets in California.

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Andrew Kang

Top 10 Cafes in Koreatown LA

A comprehensive list of the best cafes & bakeries in Koreatown LA. Ranging from study friendly to grab & go types, find your cafe in Koreatown LA.

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Andrew Kang

City of Los Angeles Cleans Up Koreatown Hoarder’s Home

An 8-foot-tall pile of trash and belongings that was covering the front yard and the windows of a house in Koreatown, LA is finally getting cleaned up. Inside this immense pile were cardboard boxes, aluminum cans, doors, a car, and other garbage covered with cockroaches and rats. 

Read More »