City of Los Angeles Cleans Up Koreatown Hoarder’s Home

The Past Decade this House in Koreatown Became a Public Health Concern

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An 8-foot-tall pile of trash and belongings that was covering the front yard and the windows of a house in Koreatown, LA is finally getting cleaned up. Inside this immense pile were cardboard boxes, aluminum cans, doors, a car, and other garbage covered with cockroaches and rats. 

This pile was hoarded up by the homeowner, known to be in her 90s, for more than 10 years from 2010. Because of it being an eyesore and threatening to spill onto the sidewalk, many neighbors already complained and constantly reported the problem to be reviewed by the City Council. Leticia Ruiz, a neighbor who has been living in her home since 1981, is one of the most active people who tried hard to bring out a swift solution to this problem. She even wrote a letter to the mayor, however, she claimed that nothing has been done even after years of promises from the city. 

After Public Outcry and Permission from the Owner, LA County is Now Actively Cleaning the Property

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Realizing the gravity of the situation, the city started to give attention to this matter from August. On Tuesday, November 2nd, the representatives from Council member Mark Ridley Thomas’ office visited the homeowner to ensure her safety and well-being. Then, the homeowner finally agreed to allow city workers to clean her yard starting Thursday by signing the “Right of Entry”. This clean-up will start on Thursday 8.a.m. for no cost and is expected to be done by Monday. 

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Chief of Staff Karly Katona, who represents Councilmember Mark Ridley Thomas’ office, stated: “Ever since this location was first brought to our attention in late August, the 10th Council District team has actively engaged the Fire Department, Building and Safety Department, City Attorney’s Office, as well as appropriate County agencies and neighbors to bring a resolution to this matter.” 

Neighbors are in a hope that pests would not come out and migrate to their houses during the clean-up process. Nevertheless, they are more relieved that it is finally being cleaned up after years of desperate requests. 

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