Welcome to KazuNori, the First Hand Roll Bar in Koreatown LA

Welcome to KazuNori, an original and new hand roll restaurant that opened in Koreatown recently with other branch locations throughout Los Angeles. Built under the Sushi Nozawa Group, KazuNori has the intentions to become popular and loved just like SUGARFISH, which is Sushi Nozawa’s most popular sushi chain restaurant. Although KazuNori is not as popular as SUGARFISH, it is gaining much love and attention as there is a restaurant located right in Koreatown, the heart of the nightlife in Los Angeles. 

Sushi Nozawa Group was founded by Kazunori Nozawa and Jerry A. Greenberg in 2008. The focus on fresh fish and delicious nori was their main priority and vision when working together. And in honor of their success and accomplishment, Sushi Nozawa Group announced that July 9 is National Hand Roll Day to also celebrate Chef Nazawa’s birthday. 

KazuNori is the first of its kind as it only focuses on serving hand rolls with crispy nori, warm rice, top-quality and fresh fish, and delicious ingredients. You can watch your hand rolls being made right in front of you.

Why is it so significant?

So why is it so significant to have a Japanese restaurant open in Koreatown? Japan and Korea had continuous tensions due to their complicated history back during World War II because Japan occupied Korea for many years. The Japanese government was definitely not easy on Korea as Koreans needed to change their whole lifestyle to be like Japan, which brought many problems and hatred between the two nations. Although the war ended long ago, the tension continues till this day, and there are rarely any Japanese restaurants in Koreatown due to the animosity.

However, the opening of KazuNori is a first step of a full Japanese restaurant opening in Koreatown because there were only Korean-owned Japanese restaurants before. However, there seems to be less interest in the tension between the two countries in the newer generations, which makes it easier. KazuNori opening their restaurants help represent a new change in times so that there can be more diversity within Koreatown. 

Where is it located?

KazuNori opened around February 24th, and it is located within the Chapman Plaza. The restaurant shares parking with other restaurants so it is definitely recommended to go early as there are limited parking space and also restaurant space. Being located in Chapman Plaza, you can eat some delicious lunch and roam around the plaza afterwards.

What's on the menu?

There are many special selections you can pick from starting with set menus or individual hand rolls. If you love sushi and want to try each hand roll, you should order the hand roll kit as it comes with 20 hand rolls with different fillings like toro, crab, yellowtail, and salmon. It can feed 4-5 people, so it’s the perfect box to try with your friends. Or you can try other set menus that offer fish or even lobster, albacor, eel, and more. If you are of age, you can order some sake or beer on the site, or try the Kazunori Nigori, the restaurant’s own alcohol! 

If you love sushi or hand rolls, make sure you check out KazuNori! They serve delicious, fresh hand rolls but also ensure that their customers leave with a satisfied experience. It is going to be a different experience from the sushi restaurants within Koreatown as many have a Korean touch to them. KazuNori is a new step towards diversifying Koreatown with authentic food that does not have a Korean-touch. 

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